Do you know how to blog? Whether you want to start blogging for your family and friends or as a home based business to make money, blogging has to be "right for you." If you have optin for my Home Business Strategies Tips already, you have received my free eBook: The Perfect Blog. This eBook shows you in 12 steps how to create a blog from scratch. You probably realized that, is a blog and not a website. If you have not notice, you can see how versatile a blog can be set up. How to blog: Things you want to know before you start Blogging has come a long way and there are many options available. For now, there are two things you need to worry about, your topic selection and your style selection. 1. Topic selection: Blogging begins with the topic selection. If you choose to talk about "all" and "everything" you may do so but expect little or no traffic. This will be a good personal blog for family and relatives. If you want to become a blogger to have a home business, you have to be specific on your topic or niche. When it comes down to building a website or a blog, people want expertise. Expertise... that is iwc aquatimer replica watches correct. You do not have to know it all, but you have to feel very comfortable with your topic and be able to research it as your business grows. You need to know "more" than "most." 2. Style selection: How do you plan to disseminate your information? Do you plan to post every day and have posts on your home page? Or do you want to have category tabs (like mine) with one called "blog." How do you plan to set it up? This is important as it sets up the tone of your blog. It gives the reader the first impression of you and what you have to offer. Learn how to blog "your" style. How to blog: Characteristics of a blogger 1) You like to write: This may seem too obvious but it is not. Blogging is not about writing two sentences and calling that a post. Building a website or a blog is about creating valuable content. It is better to write one article that you are proud of than 15 bad ones. You need to be willing to work on your article for a couple of hours, edit and then edit some more until it offers the kind of information people deserved. 2) You are disciplined: building a website or blogging requires time commitment and effort. It especially requires a great deal of self-discipline and self-motivation. Blogging once a breitling navitimer replica month will never bring you the same results as if you blog three times a week. When you choose to have followers and readers, you must give them the respect that they deserved and be committed to continuously provide them with valuable information. 3) You can create evergreen content: What is evergreen content? Timeless and unique content. You want to have valuable content for those who read it today and those who read it a year from now. Evergreen content is also precious because it tends to "stay" with people. Content that is controversial and based on "time" events tends to be forgotten. 4) You enjoy technology: Although blogging is mostly about writing, you need to enjoy a bit of technology and how to blog with the best tools possible. A virtual assistant may be the person that needs to know the most, but let's face it; you have to have some excitement towards the computer and internet. Web surfing and research is after all a crucial part of blogging. 5) You can be yourself: By becoming a blogger you also become a public figure. Pretending to be someone else is not going to help you. You need to be honest with your audience, your readers, and your followers. This means that sometimes you may say or write something that people do not agree with and you need to be ok with that. Your audience knows that you are a human beingJ, so there is no reason to hide it. You are allowed to have your own opinions. Be respectful of others when you share them but be honest with them. 6) You want to help others: You hear this all the time but just a few really listen. Money is not in trying to sell people things. You will cartier panther for sale find your greatest wealth when you are genuinely ready to help others. Discover the passion of how to blog to help others. How to blog: Decide your Tone & Voice 1) Appeal to the Masses: Do not make assumptions of who is visiting your site. You are targeting a certain audience but you may attract some others in between. Be respectful of people from all ages and backgrounds. 2) Let your personality show: Your personality gives your blog uniqueness and a compelling voice. 3) Use "I" with discretion: If blogging is your home based business use "I" with discretion. You want to remain professional for your audience. 4) Don't break the news: If you are not the one in charge of breaking the news, then just provide a background on it. 5) Design with style: Designed a blog that fits you, your style and most importantly who you are. How to blog: Where to start replica rolex cellini prince watches 1) Choose a topic: Choose a topic that you are passionate about and something that you can create compelling content. 2) Build a blog: follow my 12 steps presented on my free eBook: The Perfect Blog 3) Start blogging with a purpose. 4) Start monetizing with affiliate links, adds and your own products Becoming a replica watches ulysse nardin quadrato blogger is one of the most rewarding home based businesses. I am biased because I am a blogger. It is my home based business of choice. Are you ready to choose yours? Are you a blogger? If you are not one, do not despair, there are more options for you. Read the 10 best home buy graham chronofighter diver business article to help you brainstorm the right home business for "you." Home Business Success, Monica Beltran Your Guide to Start, Grow & Promote your Home Business Get your free eBook: The Perfect Blog