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Electricity breitling bentley mark iv fake watches travels a long way before it reaches houses to power lighting and appliances. The distribution process of electricity is as complicated as its manufacture. Electricity is generated in many ways such as geothermal or solar methods. Geothermal method utilizes fake breguet marine watches the Earth's (geo) heat (thermal) to produce steam that generates electricity while solar method captures the sun's energy and transforms it to electrical energy through conductive materials. The electrical energy produced is distributed to different substations in fake american watch co watches different amounts. The place of generation is itself a station called "generating station." A generating station can be publicly owned wherein the government can tap the resources from a state's property or privately owned wherein the fake rolex gmt master ii watches resources are found fake iwc spitfire watch in a private location. The owner of the site can develop the property and build a generating system privately operated. Large voltage of electricity produced from the generating station is then conveyed to a massive generating step up transformer so that it can be transformed into smaller amounts that the transmission lines can bear without creating damage. The professionals who work in this process include electrical engineers and outside linemen who prepare the transmission system. There are many of these professionals working in immense cities like Minneapolis. Electricians in Minneapolis usually work on the construction, installation and maintenance of the third station of the distribution called "transmission lines." This station comprises of large-diameter and superconductive wires that carry power from 140 kilovolts to 760 kilovolts. This is a very large amount of electricity that cannot be directly distributed to a certain town without proper conversion. From the transmission lines, electricity goes down to substation step down transformers to be transformed to lower voltages for customers. Most electricians in Minneapolis install these transformers in electrical posts standing at considerable intervals. They allow transformed energy to travel through wires connecting to establishments and residential houses. The kind of transformers provided in a certain locality depends on the kind of consumers in that place. There are two types of consumers that electricians Minneapolis consider in installing transformers: primary consumers and secondary consumers. Primary consumers include large business establishments like shopping malls and commercial buildings, cheap rolex cosmograph while secondary customers are residential houses. Residential houses normally require low-voltage transformers. Incorrect distribution of electricity may lead to fire and electrocution.