Recently, a real estate collapse is known as the timetable for the Chinese online crazy pass, the table of real estate trends by the Sino-Japanese comparison, predictions 2011, Chinese real estate market will collapse. In this schedule the network, while popular, the parties have also expressed their views, as the real estate industry's downstream industries, a large building materials enterprises groups is how to treat it in this prophecy? If such a collapse of real estate, building materials companies on how they would be kind of impact? "The impact of real estate on the building materials industry is obvious, 08 years of ups and downs, its building materials industry is a true portrayal of influence." Cheng said in Tianjin, a porcelain dealer. He said that currently the real estate bubble in some large cities have been more serious, and this made him feel more worried about: If that's the collapse of the real estate industry, building materials industry, signs of recovery, but also just been doused. He held a similar view with the building materials industry not unusual. Harbin is a flooring dealer pragmatic: "real estate crash" is merely a prediction, to realize whether or not they are not for consideration. Currently they are closely concerned about the information material to the countryside, "the State will not allow the economy has been in the doldrums continue, Home Appliances Countryside, Car Rural areas have played a practical, has been put on the agenda of building materials to the countryside will be another big move to stimulate domestic demand. Can see that now attaches great importance to this country, we also participate in some more practical here. buy illinois " Beijing-based furniture manufacturer Sell Sun, head of rolex cellini prince on sale dedication that he has seen real estate loans timetable, he also believes that China's first line cities, housing bubble, "but the second and third tier cities in the domestic real estate market is still at a reasonable price, if that crash, I would like to have only happened in the first tier cities. "dedicated Sun said their companies have seen the tremendous market opportunities for small and medium sized cities, is stepping up efforts to develop the route into the second and third tier markets, to" medium and small cities gradually improve the strategic position of the market. " Attached: Schedule of events origins of real estate crash 3 26, End of the World community of users for a publication called the killer virus, "insider analysis! China's real estate collapse timetable "post, the friends of China and Japan into the development trend of the real estate industry has done a comparison. Synchronization, flapping in the cat, watercress, Baidu posts it poured out of the same post. For a time, rivers and lakes favoritism in the this "real estate crash timetable" officially entered the discussion up on the stage. In this "real estate collapse of the timetable," published before the case of Chinese real estate has frequency control, the central enterprises declared out, "real estate crash timetable" Is replica watches breitling galactic merely cheap roger dubuis "makes up" it? Schedule of events, the real estate crash 3 28 morning, the "Guangzhou Daily" published an article: Real estate opportunities frequency regulation, a "schedule of real estate crash" began circulating on the Internet. It recalled the Japanese in 1985? 1991 real estate market trends, found in China in 2005? 2008 is quite similar to the real estate market trends, predicted that China's real estate will eventually collapse in the next year. 3 night of 28, the first response to CCTV, "the real estate crash timetable", the experts said that China and Japan, there is difference, the "schedule of real estate crash," there is no complete scientific basis.

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