Global warming is the growth of average temperatures as the effect of what is known as the greenhouse effect. Various gases in the atmosphere act similar as glass in a greenhouse, empowering sunlight through to heat the surface of the earth but trapping the heat as it circulate back into space. As cheap patek philippe day the greenhouse gases produces in the atmosphere fake tag watches the Earth makes hotter. What are the Causes? One of the most abundant greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. As the zenith defy xtreme open fake watches trees grow they take in Carbon Dioxide into the air. When the wood dies the carbon dioxide is return back to the air. Forest and wood burning (such as occurs in tropical forests) is growing the latter half of the process, in addition to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Deforestation is currently out of control. For example in 1988 an area of the Amazon forest the size of a Britain was burned, increasing 500 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The forests loss also means that there are little trees to absorb carbon dioxide. The latest fires in Indonesia, with a million hectares of forest ablaze, thanks to fires set intentionally by company logging, are merely to have an effect on global climate change, but the more instantaneous effect has been the smog of cloud which enveloped in the south-east Asia during early October 1997. Nevertheless, as large a contribution that deforestation makes, it causes less than the yearly total of carbon dioxide, the rest is due to the burning of coal, oil and fossil fuels. Lights, televisions and computers use electricity that is produced mainly from coal burning. Every time we turn on the light we are increasing to the greenhouse effect. Learn how to conserve Home Energy Other Greenhouse gases Carbon dioxides contribute about 50 percent to the greenhouse effect. Another greenhouse gases are chlorofluorocarbons, methane and nitrous oxide. Process - Feedback Carbon Dioxide - half of the CO2 dispensed by burning fossils and absorbed by the oceans. It is taken up by sea creatures or dragged to the sea depths by the water circulation. Current research suggests if the earth heats up, the oceans will be inefficient in absorbing carbon dioxide, leaving more gases in the atmosphere and so adding to global warming. As the earth warms it causes process feedback. Increasing temperature cause the liberation of carbon dioxide and methane which then cause increase replica roger dubuis excalibur for sale warming. Another feedback mechanism appear through higher air temperatures dissolve more water and so giving more cloud which traps heat from below fake patek philippe hourglass and radiates back sunlight from above. As the world becomes hotter, the clouds effect could become more and more important. EFFECTS If there is no action the greenhouse effect could become a rise in the level of global temperatures of between 1.5-4.0 degrees Celcius as early as the replica iwc portuguese for sale year 2025. These rises will be excessive towards the poles and less at tropics. This becomes more warming in winter rather than summer. Such growth will make the world even hotter than it has been more than 100,000 years. The increased will also be much faster than ever before; an increase of 3 degrees Celcius after the age took thousands of years ago. By the end of the next century temperatures could have extend to those time of the dinosaurs and it is questionable if humans could survive. The results are already showing - the hottest years since the 1860's have already been in the last 15 years. To learn more how to help global warming please visit our website Helping today is our tomorrows future.