When it comes to knowing how many reps to build muscle, this is the most important factor of your exercise routine when it comes to meeting your own personal fitness goals. You see, rep range is what determines what type of growth we trigger. Rep range is the deciding factor no matter what your goals are, getting stronger or bigger, more solid or a mixture of each. Let's just get this huge misunderstanding cleared up now It is no doubt that you have probably imitation toy watches already heard of the theory of low reps, heavy weight for big gains and low weight and high reps for definition. This couldn't be more wrong. Realistically, the opposite is the truth. So how many reps to build muscle mass? You must trigger sarcoplasmic hypertrophy in order to build mass. This type of hypertrophy increases muscle cell size and is triggered by higher reps. Going against the common theory of lifting heavy with low reps is actually the way to go if your main goal is to pack tag heuer copy watches on size. If I concentrate on low reps, what kind rolex oyster date online of growth and I triggering? If you are training low repetitions with heavy weight, you are mainly focusing on increasing strength. Heavy weights with low reps will do nothing for size. But it might graham copies make you look more solid and increase muscle density. So how many reps to build muscle? 1-3 Strength 4-6 Strength and Density 7-10 Size, Strength, and Density (x) 11-15 Size
Now that you understand the importance of knowing how many reps to build muscle mass, strength, and/or density, base your workout plan around the correct rep roger dubuis much more online range for your specific goals. I recommend training different reps during different phases if you want to mix things up. I trained about 11-15 reps for about 6 weeks because my first goal was to pack on as much mass as possible. Then I wanted to get stronger and a little more solid so I trained 4-6 reps for another 6 weeks and was fake breitling watches for sale able the mold the look I was looking for.