Now laptop particularly popular, both in the outdoor or indoor with, especially in outdoor, notebook rely on battery power. Of a long time, we will find battery 3000ibs without beginning so long, can use 3 hours before, now only negroponte two and a half hours. Is this what is the row? 3000ibs shorter, not battery itself. To use time within one year of the battery, 3000ibs shorter, more often than not, because the battery normal ageing, but because the battery charging and discharging in many process, notebook BIOS system to the battery power produced miscalculation. Original has certain power, but the BIOS but mistakenly believe that power has drained, let notebooks forcibly shutdown. If there was the battery 3000ibs shrink situation, first don't busy to conclusions are battery quality problems, and can use the word "cell calibration" such a simple way to let the rest of the electricity full play. LENOVO 57Y4565 ThinkPad X100e battery How to conduct "battery correcting" replica rolex deepsea for sale Cell calibration is more than
one way, usually has three ways: use the battery in the calibration procedures, the BIOS artificial way cell calibration and using third-party cell calibration software. Here basically about front two correction method. Sony VGP-BPS8 battery Tip: don't recommend use third-party cell calibration software. As for the reason, we first need to install third-party software, no before two kinds method is simple, Secondly, in fact the calibration principle behind similar, third-party software not many original place, and still exist potential security risk. So in through the fake rolex pearlmaster for sale front two methods can complete cell calibration circumstances, do not suggest using third-party software. LENOVO rolex explorer online 57Y4559 battery Standard correction method is: use the battery in the notebook BIOS calibration function Many brand notebook PC in theBIOS inside integrated cell Calibration procedures, general English that is called "a few Calibration", namely "the Battery power proofreading". Directly into a notebook BIOS can finish cell calibration operation, here to asus notebook, for example, in brief, how to operate, other notebooks mode of operation is similar. Step 1: boot, appear boot screen pressed after [F2] into the BIOS menus, The left-right direction key, choose to enter Power menu. Step 2: enter Power menu, and they can see "Start a few Calibration" option (figure 1), select it and press the return key execution. Teach you how to correct for laptop battery correction Figure 1 choice "battery second-ranking calibration" program Lenovo 57Y6440 battery Step 3: then screen will become blue, and have an English hint, demanded that the notebook power adapter plug in to recharge the battery. Such batteries electricity filled, screen and prompt the user disconnect the power adapter (figure 2). After notebook began continues to battery run the battery power consumption, until the end Teach you how to correct for laptop battery correction Second-ranking figure 2 according to errov screen operation Step 4: this process needs for a period of time, until the batteries run out automatic shutdown, then grafted in power adapter for the battery, but don't boot. Such charging completes (rechargeable battery indicator extinguished), after the process of correction is finished. Dell Vostro 1220 battery Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Battery Edit comment on: the operation is comparative official cell calibration method, the entire process takes about 4-5 hours and more time-consuming. If you find your notebook batteries useless long time, for example, several months than initially, and 3000ibs notebooks with this function words, the BIOS advices about. Fortress correction method: let notebooks boot natural discharge Some notebook, in BIOS inside how look also cannot find cell calibration option. Does this notebook can't for battery correction? Actually otherwise, we can use the word "fortress version" of the battery correction method acting on it. Are called "fortress", because it's not official method, but through our manual some Settings, allowing notebooks under normal working discharges in until the automatic shutdown. Lenovo L09S8L09 Battery Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Battery wholesale replica watches Tip: "fortress edition" cell calibration principle
On the surface, cell calibration process is to battery charging and discharging, but it's purpose is not as we think that activate cell, because now notebook batteries are lithium battery, there is no activation. But the charging and discharging real purpose is to let the computer re-comprehension of your battery capacity. So, want to try to put the put clean, let a notebook work with low power, such correction effect is good. Below introduce manual cell calibration necessary procedures. Step 1: notebooks in operating system (with Windows replica zenith watches XP, for example), enter "the power options." The "power use solution" choose "stay open", and the "closed", "close monitor disk" Settings replica chronoswiss kairos for sale for the shortest time, and the system to establish for standby "never" (figure 3). Teach you how to correct for laptop battery correction Second-ranking figure 3 set up power options Step 2: in the "power options" "alert" in, cancel all alarm option (FIG. 4), the purpose is to let the battery totally exhausted until shutdown. Teach you how to correct for laptop battery correction Second-ranking figure 4 cancel power alarm functions Step 3: setting, after the closing of all applications, closed WIFI, unplug power adapter, with batteries. Don't do anything until the battery operation after running out of automatic shutdown. This process estimate quite long, may be several hours. Discharge is finished, even on the power adapter, batteries, then completed a cell calibration. Edit comment on: after correction, try battery 3000ibs whether increased, if is not apparent, can according to the method above another, but did not suggest that regular. If the battery has had a long time of use, and make a battery correction, the effect is not obvious, it could be the battery life of the natural aging itself. In addition, if the laptop batteries negroponte normal word, we don't recommend for cell calibration operation. Other laptop battery news: Replacement Acer Laptop battery
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