The main problem that guys face when trying to kiss a girl is knowing if they are ready to kiss them. Get the timing wrong, and things will turn really awkward. Get it right, and well... you will know. Here's how you can increase your odds. But, if you know they are ready then things will go well! Make her comfortable by making a joke, and don't laugh too loudly at your own jokes or your look like a fool and might iwc grand complication replica watches turn her off, girls don't always respond sexually to confidence, but an outgoing girl will - humor is an attractive quality. For instance, it's probably a good time to kiss that girl when you're watching a movie where the mad moments are happening. It'll ease the tension and you'll be able to laugh it off after only if she likes the movie. Use a nice, romantic spot. Girls will think it's amazingly romantic when the first kiss is at sunset, an empty grassy meadow under the stars, a deck on a lake at night, on the beach, on a paddle boat at a friends pond at night, or a private camp fire. Usually early dawn or midnight scenes can be considered lovely. But you don't have to. Just make sure you are sincere in what you are doing. Be bold. Go for it! Lean in for the kiss. Lean in slowly!! Don't be too fast about it. While you get closer, slowly close your eyes and stop leaning about half an inch away from your girl's lips. If she's ready, she'll lean in and kiss you! Try a peck for your first kiss, then move on to longer, more passionate kisses when you're ready for it. Say sweet things in between kisses, it also allows you time to breathe. Use the other hand to stroke her hair or neck. But leave your hand on the back of her neck or hold her in place, girls may feel loved and cared for and like it. For them, it tingles a bit and makes them feel warm inside. Find what you were talking about before and keep going if you're not kissing her anymore. Don't act strange, she might get the rolex date for sale wrong impression. She remembers you how you were before the kiss, and you want that not to change too much. Remain just a little touchy-feely after the kiss. You don't want to leave her not wanting more, or she might think you dislike her or even want to break up. Stroke her back, her cheek, the back of her neck. Comb through her hair a bit. Girls do a lot of talking about the first kiss. Where will it be? What kind of kiss will it be? If you are young, and the girl is hyper, then you don't want to disappoint her with just a kiss on the cheek. Kiss her on the lips. Draw back, smile at her. If she is responding positively, then go in again, this time using the mouth, opening the lips, and maybe adding some tongue action. Make sure the first kiss is in a special place - never in the movies (this may depend on the person). On a hill, on the stage in a deserted theatre, by a fountain in a secluded park. Don't be afraid to catch it. Sometimes, you just never know when it's the right time. Girls can be very closed at times, so she may not be giving you all the warning signs that she wants to be kissed. Sometimes, signals that usually mean she isn't open to physical contact (such as crossed buy cartier tank americaine arms, looking away, etc.) may mean that she is just nervous (especially if she's never kissed a guy, or maybe not kissed many guys, so she is inexperienced) and isn't sure what to do, or how to make the first move. If this is what she is doing, you will simply have to rely on your instincts. If she is doing any of the following, then you will simply have to use your male instincts, and be the hunter. If she is doing any of the signs below, then go in for the kill! Find powerful herbal remedies How to French Kiss Glancing at you, and quickly looking away when you see her Blushing when you talk to her If she is biting her lip If this doesn't work, and she seems surprised or embarrased that you kissed her (in an uncomfortable way) then don't freak out. Everyone messes up, and it's not the end of the world if this one girl doesn't like you. It gave you some experience on dealing with shy girls. You shouldn't feel bad, or ashamed of yourself for kissing her. Instead, feel proud that you braved up to a shy girl and tried your best! There's always more fish in the sea. buy franck muller conquistador cortez If she is unusally mean iwc der flieger for sale or rude and rants on to all of her friends about how you "kissed her" and laughs as you walk by, look her straight in the eye, roll your eyes and say "Grow up". You don't want to be with someone like that anyway. In 9 out of 10 cases however, she will simply move on. She may like it (if she was nervous) and you can ask her out again on buy ulysse nardin marine diver another night! Good luck! Also read about How to Kiss How to Give the Perfect Kiss or read more on