Never thought you would ever come across an aggressive dog that would love nothing but to sink it's sharp teeth in you? The last thing you ever want is to be unprepared for a dog attack. Please read of if you want to learn how to protect yourself from an aggressive dog. Dog attacks are not common but it does happen. It's best to know what you need to do to protect yourself or someone else around you on an impending dog meant to do harm. Depending on where you're located, stray dogs (more prone to aggressiveness) may be prevalent, especially if you're in a new country. Find a Weapon Getting your hands on an object that can potentially be used for a weapon will help you. Try to find a sturdy stick or a hard large object to keep the dog at bay. If it gets close enough, do as much damage as you can to protect yourself. It will be best if you use and object that won't break on you in the middle of your defense. Hold off on the pepper spray for now, it may do more damage than harm. If you spray a dog that hasn't attacked you yet, may incite a definite dog attack. Some people's fear cause them to go into panic mode and may start pepper spraying too soon. At this point, this will make the dog replica cartier santos dumont watches even angrier. By spraying the dog with pepper spray, you're confronting the dog. How to Prevent an Attack The last thing you cheap waltham vanguard want to come off as is intimidating when dealing with an aggressive and angry dog. Avoid looking straight into the dog's eyes. This will definitely incite an attack. Looking into the eyes of a dog can be considered very threatening. Also, avoid turning your back on the dog. By turning your back on the dog, the message you give is that you're weak. This also means do not absolutely run away from a dog. his natural instincts will make the dog immediately run after you and he will catch up. Another thing you shouldn't do when it comes to facing an aggressive do is to not cheap rolex show your teeth at the dog. By baring your teeth, your body language is aggressive and this will make the dog be on his defense and want to attack. What to Do if Your Attacked Always try to keep something between you and the dog. This could be from a weapon to an arm wrapped up in a jacket. The last position you want to be in is breguet replica watches on the ground. Do your best to stay on your feet.You're going to have to fight dirty to get out of this fake patek philippe day alive. If you happen to have pepper spray, this will be a good time to use it. If the dog has your arm in his mouth, do your best to use your weapon of choice (stick, bar, pepper spray) on his most girard perregaux sea hawk for sale sensitive parts of his body-his throat and eyes. This will give you an opportunity to free your arm. If all else fails, do your best to grabbed the dog's hind legs and pull up and flip him backwards onto his back. This will put the dog in a submissive position. Aggressive dogs only attack when they feel their threatened or the need to protect his family. Dog attacks are usually very vicious and deadly. That's why it's very important to be prepared for any potential danger that may come your way, like how to come out alive when you get into a dog fight. Got other dog related issues? If so, you should definitely check out How to Stop Aggressive Dog, and Secret to Dog Training.