Into 2009, the printing process safety accidents occur. June 2, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, one of a printing company when workers operating printing press machines are doing the right forearm was "bite" to live; May 14, fake patek philippe hourglass for sale Xiamen, Fujian Province, a worker in a printing right arm 2 / 3 are involved in the machine ... ... safety regulations posted in the printing workshop was shocked, but accidents still occur frequently, why not? How best to implement safety? This reporter interviewed several relevant person in charge of printing enterprises. "Good production safety Management Work, management must be mother-mouth, rabbit legs. "Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. Assistant General Manager Xie Shi Yan said in an interview summary. How to prevent production accidents? In the final analysis, is not only the concept of safety rules and regulations to strengthen and build, but also because the implementation of action and the persistent attitude. Accident causes Department of man-made multi- Contrast, the printing industry is a security risk-prone industries, high-speed operation of large-scale workshop printing machinery, sharp cutting instruments, paper, inks, solvents, toxic chemicals, are all objective existence of unsafe factor. Therefore, the correct process procedures, comply with safety rules and regulations to operate is especially important. According to industry experts, statistics, from 2004 to date, a total exposure of 230-line printing production safety accidents, including 126 caused by illegal operations, since 18 is caused by misuse. For example, a Qingdao, Shandong Province Packaging Printing Factory workers in the workshop using the fire heater, igniting a fire ink; packaging printing plant in Chongqing in a 19-year-old apprentice actually run the machine through the heat generated by high-speed heating, inadvertently left the machine "swallowed"; and private dismantle the machine does not use shield Security Supplies, before taking proofs shutdown, troubleshooting and other illegal operations, behavior is common in the workshop. Workers safe operation of power, working to find "tricks" to use unsafe methods, lack of concentration, absent-minded, adventurous Chengneng, eager to operate on such different behavior could easily lead to artificial irregularities caused the accident. The results, which only in the online replica watches iwc der dopple exposure of 230 industrial accidents in the printing industry, there are 56 to cause death, 93 of the workers physically disabled, 12 cases of causing injury, aircraft crash injuries (death) to bring the printing business serious losses. Managers can not make the system useless Analysis of the underlying causes of accidents, Assistant General Manager of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Xie Shi Yan said in an interview, enterprise system, improve the cheap cartier tank solo for sale degree of probability of the accident is directly proportional to the number of accidents the number, size have a great relationship with corporate managers. One of the root causes of accidents, or is that not enough emphasis on leadership and management! Longevity of his analysis and Printing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou chairman, general manager of the abstract point of view coincide. The abstract, told reporters that some companies industrial accidents occur the most important reason is hublot replica eta they do not have a standardized management system, safety awareness has not been buy a lange sohne watches mentioned in the management of a very high level, particularly small and medium private enterprises in a number of years. Xie Shi Yan believes that even with the system, but it exists in name only, is not going to implement, resulting in divisions of the place, and also is a potential security risk. "I do not know the specific rules and regulations. Printing ink dirty, most workers wore gloves at work is not illegal, I have not heard of this provision." Nanning City of Guangxi Province, after a printing plant employees were asked whether they complied with "workers in the operations, not wearing gloves," the company explained the provisions of this. He's been printing "bite" to live in the arm after 80 minutes of fighting were carefully set aside from the roller, the right wrist has been comminuted. It is understood that the worker is "mid-life switch", with no professional skills training on the machines to operate.

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