When it comes to creative candle making ideas I have to say that my personal favorite is "sea coral candle" that I made with some of my friends a few years ago. We were together making candles and I wanted to try a new trick that I had learned, I am sure you have heard of them, they are called ice candles. These candles come in pretty unique shapes and no single candle is alike. For this rolex oyster perpetual online reason I decided that I was going to make one that would resemble sea coral.If you are looking for creative candle making ideas then omega speedmaster fake watches all that you need to do is just look around you, if you already know how to make candles or if you are just learning all you have to do is be creative. Make unique molds, use glitter, trinkets, you name it, the choice is yours just be safe and keep your imagination going. Now if you want to make my sea coral candle here is a list of what you are going to need. Sea Shells ( small sea shells )
Candle wax
wax covered milk cartons
tapered candles ( optional but if elgin b w raymond replica you get one then make sure that it is similar in color to the dye that you have for this candle)
ice cubes
White paper
Double boiler
ScentYou are going to want to start by washing and drying the inside of the wax covered milk cartons. These are going tag heuer online to be the molds that you are going to use so make sure that they are clean and dry. Now the reason why I said that the tapered candle is optional is because you can always make it yourself. If you do not feel like it, I did not the night that I first made it the sea coral candle, then just use a tapered candle as you do not want holes too close to the wick.Now this is my favorite of all of the creative candle making ideas that I and my friends and family have had. It is not only cool to look at, it is fun to make as you are going to find out with the next few steps. You are going to want to make sure that the tapered candle replica iwc for sale remains in place in the center of the wax covered milk carton. Now there are many ways to do this but I will tell you what I hamilton pendent set online did to make this happen. I used a very small nail and I put it through the bottom of the carton and in to the tapered candle. If you think of a better way then by all means go for it, this is just what I did.Alright, now put water in the bottom pan of the double boiler. Take the wax and begin to cut it in to chunks and put them in to the top pan of the double boiler. Begin boiling the water and make sure that you stir the wax often. The wax should melt at around 150 degrees. Now when the wax has melted it is then the time to add the the scents ( I used an ocean scent), the color ( I used blue and green), and some of the sea shells. Mix it all around very well, as a quick tip, add only a little bit of color and fragrance at a time and stir well. This way you can avoid putting too much of either in.Alright, now I do not know who first thought about making an ice candle but whoever it was I have to hand it to them, that is one of the best creative candle making ideas that I have found. What you do next is put the ice cubes and some more of the sea shells in to the milk carton. Right after you put the ice cubes and sea shells in to the carton take the melted wax and slowly pour it on top of the ice. Once this is done put the rest of the sea shells on top and put the carton aside and let it cool. In about 5 hours pour the water out and tear the carton away. Let the candle dry for a few days and then there you are, it is completely ready to use! You have your very own "sea coral candle" complete with a unique coral like design, coral like colors, sea shells and an ocean scent, now how is that for creative candle making ideas? Thank you for reading and I hope that this helps you out!