OK, so your organisation has b r m bernard richards watches for sale identified a need for an automated Time and Attendance system. You have started your search on Google, checked various websites, and maybe read some articles, whitepapers, or watched some online videos. By now, you are probably an expert in listing the various Time and Attendance vendors and the features of their systems. That's all good, but in reality when it comes to presenting your proposition to senior management, there will be one thing which will matter most to them - how much time, money, and effort can the organisation plan to save by implementing a Time and Attendance system?
Let's have a closer look at the example below, to gain a better understanding of the return on investment (ROI) an organisation could expect to achieve by implementing high quality buy chronoswiss chronometer Time and Attendance software. Company XYZ Pty Ltd is a Plastics Manufacturer with 120 employees working on average 40 hours per week. AVERAGE PAY
80 Production Staff$20 p/h
10 Senior Production Staff $22 p/h
15 Admin Staff$23 p/h
8 Senior Admin Staff$25 p/h
6 Managers$30 p/h
1 Director$40 p/h
Total average pay:$26.66 p/h
Now, we will calculate the return on investment (ROI) that XYZ Pty Ltd could reasonably expect in the first 12 months after installing an effective Time and Attendance system. This is based on the premise that the implementation of the Time and Attendance system will consequently reduce overpayment, human error, and administration costs. OVERPAYMENT
A good Time and Attendance system will significantly reduce overpayment. Once employees know that their attendance, start/finish times, and breaks are being monitored, overall attendance and timekeeping will generally improve. It is possible that employees may be overpaid by up to 30 minutes per day due to lateness, early leaving, long lunch breaks etc. If we assume a conservative 1% increase in attendance, then the following savings could be made each week: Number of Employees: 120
Total Hours per Week:4800
Total Weekly Pay:$127,968.00
Hours Gained Weekly:48.00
While this is good and well for workers paid an hourly rate, what about salaried employees? fake rolex cellini for sale In our experience, we have found that even organisations with salaried staff can benefit from tracking employee time and attendance. For example, cost savings will still occur when employees stay at work over their standard hours, plus management can view detailed attendance and absence reports, enabling them to pin point potential problem areas before they get out of hand. HUMAN ERROR
With a manual punch card or timesheet system, there is greater potential for human error at each stage of the payroll process. Companies using a manual system are likely to be experiencing an error rate between 1 and 5%. If we assume a Time and Attendance system can reduce this by a conservative 0.5%, then the following savings could be made each week. Number of Employees: 120
Total Hours per Week:4800
Total Weekly Pay:$127,968.00
Rate of Human Error Weekly: 0.5%
On average, it is estimated to take up to 7 minutes for Managers to manually calculate and edit each timesheet/clock replica franck muller crazy hours watch card, and a further 2 minutes to manually enter data from each timesheet/clock card into a payroll application. A effective time recording software will eradicate these time consuming manual tasks. If we assume that a conservative 5 minutes per timesheet/clock card for the calculation and data entry process could be saved, then the following cost savings could be made each week. Number of Employees: 120
Calculation and Entry (hours): 10
SAVINGS cartier baignoire on sale PER WEEK:$266.66
Based on these figures, installing an automated Time and Attendance system could save XYZ Pty Ltd $2,186.18 each week. This equates to an estimated capital recovery of $113,681.36 per year. Now, what organisation fake girard perregaux watches wouldn't like to achieve those figures? Interested in finding out exactly how much your business could save? Why not, try THE Mitrefinch Return on Investment Calculator for yourself! About the Author: This article is written by Mitrefinch, who are leaders in the development of comprehensive Time and Attendance and Employee Management Solutions. Used by almost 4,000 organisations around the world, and across a number of industries, Mitrefinch enable organisations to better measure, analyse and manage employees' working time, and deploy human resources more efficiently.