Leg edema is defined as having that swelling sensation in your legs because of water retention. This occurs mostly in women and can make them feel uncomfortable. It will be obvious if the swelling takes place at the calves or the lower leg. Causes of Leg Edema The reason why it occurs mostly on women is because they are the ones who get pregnant. During the final term of the baby, it is now big enough that pressure is placed on the vein that transports blood to and from the legs. This and along with the excess fluid that accumulates during pregnancy can really cause severe leg edema.
Another reason could be prolonged sitting or standing. This is common in people whose job requires them to stand a lot. Due to the gravitational pull of the earth, circulation in the body decreases as blood pushes down to the lower extremities, and this, in turn, causes the swelling. This could also happen as a side effect of the medicines you took. If you take drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants, steroids, and drugs for high blood pressure then you will rolex sea dweller replica experience leg edema as its adverse effect. Allergic reaction could also be one of the causes of edema. Eating the wrong food, being stung fake patek philippe ellipse by bee, inhaling dust, and being bitten by a mite can cause you to have allergic reactions and soreness of the lower extremities.
You can also get this if you have an internal injury that involves the legs or kidneys. You should have it checked out because there could be a possible blood clot in one of your veins that could eventually cause a bigger problem for you. Varicose veins, or the expansion of your veins, can also cause leg edema and is usually accompanied by ankle swelling and throbbing leg pain. Treatment for Leg Edema The treatment for the swelling totally depends on what caused it to happen. buy rolex president Salt is a big factor in leg edema as it retains the fluid in your body. Lessen salt intake and the swelling is blancpain sport time zone for sale sure to decrease. Diuretics are also one quick treatment. Make sure you go to the bathroom a lot. Tea can make you urinate more. By urinating, you are removing the excess salt and fluid in your body. Elevate your legs. After standing for a long time, you should elevate your legs or place them on a pillow. Just make sure that leg is at the heart level. This way, blood can rush back up to your body and will not stay at the bottom. Walking promotes blood circulation and it sends back excess fluid to the heart. This is a kelbert replica watches great way to keep you healthy and fit so be sure to exercise everyday. Jennifer Anne Paige is an experienced blogger who fake gerald genta sport writes about various topics including beauty and skin care subjects. She recently published articles about anti aging and dermal filler treatments here.