Many people pay attention to health before meal, such as eating fruits, having a nap and jogging after dinner. However, these measures are not scientific after dinner. If people do these before meal, it would be more effective. The zenith defy xtreme open watches for sale correct time to eat fruit is one hour before meals, except for some fruits. First, many components in fruits are water-soluble, so eating before meals is beneficial to the absorption of essential nutrients for body. Eating fruits first can reduce the time it stays in the stomach, reduce its oxidation and the level of corruption, and reduce the potential adverse effects on the body. If people eat fruits immediately after meal, the fructose contained in fruits cannot enter into the intestinal tract timely and it would ferment in the stomach and produce organic acid to cause bloating and diarrhea. It is better to do exercise before meal. When your stomach is empty, the fat cells have no new fatty acids and exercise can transform it into heat and consume it. So, fast walking or jogging one hour before meal for 30 to 45 minute will have better effect than doing exercise after meal. After eating, the blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract to help cheap zenith defy classic open digest food, reducing the blood flowing to brain and extremities. The brain and body cannot get enough oxygen and nutrient supply, and lactic acid and other metabolites cannot be discharged in replica iwc grand complication time. If people sleep at this time, they will have discomfort feelings such as limb weakness. Therefore, people can eat fruits and milk before sleep and then have lunch after nap. It is more effective to eliminate fatigue and improve the efficiency of the replica breitling galactic for sale afternoon. Brush your teeth before meals. The formation of dental caries is caused by acid corrosion of chemical substance produced by tartar and sugar in food. So, people can get rid of tartar before meal so that to reduce the formation of acid replica watches patek philippe substances and keep the health of teeth. In addition, please remember to wash teeth with warm water after meals.

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