Plenty of people are stuck with eye glasses to see these days. This can get pricey since your eyes change all the time and you have to return to the doctor every so often for check ups. Glasses can cost around one to three hundred dollars a pair. Couple that with the doctors fee, you can quickly see how wearing glasses can be a costly buy illinois a lincoln handicap. Some people decide to have Lasik eye operation to correct their vision problems. This is a great option if you qualify and have the finances available. Lasik can restore rolex president on sale your vision and therefore eliminate your need for glasses all together. Of course as with every operation, there are side effects which you have to consider. cheap marion watch co for sale For everybody that wants to improve their vision without an operation, following are few tips that might help you at least improve it. A great way is to increase your consumption of green vegetable like spinach, broccoli, kale, and collards. These green hampden special railway replica vegetables are very rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. Those are carotenoids that help prevent cataracts concord c1 chronograph watches for sale and can help with eye impairment. Carotenoids protect the eye from damaging blue and near-ultraviolet light. So just eating a few more green veggies a day might help your vision from deteriorating more. Another food that is suggested to add to your diet is fish. Salmon, tuna, sardines for example include a great amount of omega 3 oil. Omega 3 oil helps with nerve function which is extremely important regarding your eyesight. Omega 3 oil also helps with regeneration of cells. And at last, add eggs to your stable diet. Eating an egg a day can help you get enough lutein and zeaxanthin which plays a great role in eye sight. Eggs taste great and are natures super food. What do you have to lose? Give it a try and see if your eyes will improve. tag heuer copy Steve loves to write informative articles and you can check out his new site on Cheaddars coupons.