The world's largest Car Manufacturer Toyota will recall 270,000 in 2010 to market Prius (Prius) hybrid, in order to address potential braking problems. This is considered a new more mature now Energy Cars, is the most popular models Asian American Jianifuni. Up to now, the company has received two customers in Japan and the United States for the Prius brakes complaints from a total of 180. In fact, Toyota announced a few weeks ago due to issues on the accelerator pedal 8, after selling models for large-scale recall, outside on the Toyota Prius recall whether the discussion had already occurred. As the world's largest vehicle manufacturers to recall long after the door in two things, so we recall the automotive industry, exceptionally concerned about! Xiao Bian on the 2009 auto industry recall fake omega constellation watch events inventory. According to the China Auto Recall Website statistics so far this year and 55 since the recall, involving 32 auto manufacturers, which imported a total of 17 brands, accounting for 9 joint venture brands, while own brands 6. In particular, there Volvo, Changan Ford Mazda, Toyota, the number of mostly brand recall. Toyota brand is also hublot big bang on sale a result of hundreds of million of the huge size of the recall, known as "King recalled rolex gmt master ii watches for sale the year." Jia Xinguang industry experts said: "The reason for this increase in domestic recall, the cheap ball main and substantial increase in market demand and capacity constraints and other aspects related to." Indeed, the rapid development of the automotive industry this year, coupled with a limited factory capacity , Sell Increase the amount of other factors, vehicle quality issues started becoming increasingly prominent. 1, Toyota Recalled models: Camry, Yaris, Vios, Corolla Since August 25, 2009 began, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Tianjin FAW Toyota decided to recall part of the Camry (camry), Yaris, Vios and Corolla sedans, this recall involves a total of 688,314 vehicles , is a special large-scale recall of domestic rare. According to the report submitted to recall that, because of this recall affected by the same supplier, for the driver side Electric cars Window master switch control module smear grease during the manufacturing process too much may imitation zenith lead to internal short circuit, caused by switching heating, melt damage, delay in operation there is a sense of cards, not the normal windows down, very few result in door trim panels melt loss. To this end, Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd., Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. will recall the vehicles within the main control switch for free replacement of defective parts power windows, to eliminate hidden dangers. 2, Southeast Automotive (Supplementary recall) Recall model: Galant 2009 8 23, China's State Administration of Quality Supervision disclosure, there is hidden because of generator, the South East Automotive to expand the scope of Galant car recall. Previously, Southeast (Fujian) Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. in accordance with the "Defective Vehicle Products Recall Management Provides that "the request, the Chinese State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection report submitted replica watches best to recall, decided January 23, 2009 onwards, June 5, 2008 release Galant car recall expanded recall about the original Vehicle production date from November 2, 2006 to April 3, 2007 adjusted for the November 2, 2006 to November 24th, 2007, expanded the number of vehicles after the recall of about 3630 new units. Expanded the recall due to poor management of supporting materials manufacturers, will be part of the improvement of the surface contamination prior to the motor controller chip, a new batch of mixed use. Surface contamination of Generator regulator chip will cause generator failure, instrument charging indicator light, extreme circumstances occur or a moving vehicle can not start flame. Southeast car will recall the vehicles within the free replacement regulator to eliminate hidden dangers.

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