"Sichuan Provincial People's Congress on Amending <Sichuan Urban Water Management Ordinance>'s decision" (NO: SC091713) by the Sichuan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Eleventh eighth meeting in 2009 3 27, is hereby promulgated and shall go into effect.

Sichuan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee
2009 3 27 (2000 cheap breitling bentley mark iv for sale 9 15 Sichuan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee of the Ninth nineteenth session; under the September 24, 2004 Sichuan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee of the Tenth Eleventh Meeting "on modify <Sichuan Urban Water Management Ordinance>'s decision "the first amendment; according to November 30, 2004 in Sichuan Province of the Tenth People's Congress Standing Committee 12th meeting," on the changes <Sichuan Urban Water Management Ordinance> of decided to "second amendment; under the March 27, swiss panerai replica watches 2009 the replica girard perregaux Eleventh People's Congress of Sichuan Province eighth meeting of the Standing Committee" on the changes <Sichuan Urban Water Management Ordinance>'s decision "Third Revision)

Chapter I General Provisions First to strengthen the urban rolex milgauss on sale water management, promoting the cause of urban water supply development, protection of urban life, production water and other water supply companies and users to protect the legitimate rights and interests, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with Sichuan actual circumstances of this Ordinance.

Second area in the provincial administrative units and individuals must comply with the regulations.
Article The term urban water supply, is the self-built facilities in the city public water supply and water supply.

Urban water supply company, is the city public water supply enterprises and self-built facilities for water supply.

Article urban water supply plan should adhere to development of water sources and water use, water conservation and the principle of combining rational use of water resources and, based on economic and social development needs, identifying the zenith replicas scale of scientific and reasonable water supply, type, price.

Article provincial government building across the province the competent administrative department of urban water supply work.

People's governments above the county level of urban water administrative departments in charge of the administrative area of the city water supply work.

Article governments at all levels should strengthen the urban water supply planning, construction, management, leadership, encourage urban water supply, water conservation and scientific and technological research, popularization and application of advanced technology to improve the level of scientific management.

Article units and individuals to use the national standard of urban water supply of the right to protect drinking water sources and water supply facilities obligations.

Chapter II Water Supply Planning and Construction
Article VIII of government at all levels should be based on economic and social development, establishment of urban water supply planning, and integrated into the overall urban planning.

Article cities above the county level shall organize the planning, development, construction, water conservancy, Environmental protection , Health, land resources, and administrative departments, the preparation of urban water supply planning, in accordance with relevant provisions of the approval, the provincial construction administrative department for filing.

Article exploitation of groundwater in urban water supply planning in the region, should be prior approval of the local construction administration agreed, at the same level approved by the administrative department of water rolex replica watches for sale before extraction.

Article urban water supply uphold the investor will benefit principle. Construction of multi-channel investment to encourage urban water supply facilities, the development of urban water supply utilities. I am China Agriculture Net writer, reports some information about build a wood retaining wall , electric core drill.