December 27, 2009, China's first Education Equity Fund - Department of gulls (Chongqing) in Chongqing Education Equity Fund was officially launched. In the afternoon, the Fund held in Chongqing Golden Resources Hotel, launch and presentations. Chongqing Financial Association for the listing of enterprises to do, City Board of Education, Bureau of Education and other government departments in northern New Area, the Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of Chongqing, Hyder insurance, Southwest Securities, Chongqing International Trust and Investment, Hongyuan Securities, century capital investment to countries, macro Sheng finance, financial institutions and the Chongqing New Century Education Group, real estate, college, campus Wizard Corporation, Hagawa secondary education, such as outstanding business leaders attended the briefings. Instructions will be invited to the senior partner of the Fund, well-known financial planning Expert Mr. Qiao Zhijie education industry on the current growth and investment opportunities, private equity integration of the industry, Chongqing Department of Education Equity Fund gull current operations and future development, and participants in-depth dialogue and discussion. Part of the education business, and government departments in charge of the establishment of this fund interested in that re-internal management process as soon as possible to explore possible ways and fund Cooperation Capital and management to achieve docking. From Tianjin pilot equity fund, last year in Shanghai, fake hampden watch Beijing, Chongqing and other places have issued the "Equity Investment Fund Management" and other series of documents, emerged in the cartier ballon bleu on sale local private equity fund began to increase, with the end of October GEM the introduction of domestic capital, "local recruitment, local investment, local out of a" virtuous circle pattern and maturity. Very Coincidentally, with the establishment of the Fund the same day, the "third board", said the financial market transfers of shares of Center (OTC) landed in Chongqing, the future withdrawal fake chronoswiss lunar of private equity funds cheap graham for sale have a more smooth and convenient channels. Sector-specific investments of private equity funds have recently caused great concern in the market, such as Fu End (Beijing) Food Industry Investment Fund, Shanghai Warren mining equity investment fund, with a round base Environmental protection Capital. Professional analysis, a large number of private equity fund industry, there is open in the GEM, the financial markets gradually improve a product, the promoters and managers of such funds are generally specific industry leader, while in the promotion of industry to reduce the international impact of hot money on specific industries, is to upgrade the performance of financial markets. As the first equity investment fund professional education exchange gull (Chongqing) Education equity investment fund will become an important new force in the industry. The World Bank last year released "through lifelong learning to improve China's competitiveness," the report indicates: the number of students from primary to university accounts for 17% of the world, but education is only 2% of market value. According to statistics of the Beijing 2008 total service consumption of education spending to 17.8%; Shanghai Educational and Cultural Entertainment in 2008 the total consumption accounts for service consumption ratio of 15.7%, Guangdong, the ratio of the first half of 2009 compared to 11.9%. Comparison of annual household expenditure on education in Japan 2007-2008 total household income accounted for 34.1% of the proportion of consumption in China is still at a low level of education. At the same time, China's private schools are now 20% -30% fake rolex president watches annual growth rate. Data suggest that the next 10 years will be the largest growth potential in the world of education and vocational training market, the industry is very broad space for the capital operation. World Bank report also pointed out that even if the downturn in the economy, education, health and high-tech industries relative to other industries are at the forefront, people and more leisure, but also hope to spend or reduce the charge through a crisis period.

Meeting gull (Chongqing) Education Equity Investment Fund on December 27 note will be unveiling a series of road shows its prelude to elgin b w raymond watches for sale the mainland. Prior to this promotion in the early overseas, there are many funds, wealth, family and investment institutions have expressed strong interest and investment intentions. It is reported that the fund management team by a group active in the domestic and foreign investment in elite composition of capital markets, will be an excellent education and education-related enterprise culture, the media kind of enterprise as the main investment target, aims to be the leader in the field of educational investment in China and the brand. Overall size of the Fund will reach 5 billion yuan, down the scale of 2-5 million to 2 million yuan for the fund units, operation of 5 +2 years. At present, the Fund is associated with the Chongqing municipal government departments, banks, brokerages and other financial institutions to communicate, to develop strategic cooperation. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as ac power adaptor , China mini usb car adapter, ac power adaptor,and more.