This article introduces the layout Design Terminology involved in the process of introduction, engaged in publishing and design work is particularly important to those who master these, the following let us together to understand and master the knowledge it! 1, the cover (also called a closure, replica roger dubuis excalibur the front cover, covers, written) Cover printed with the title, author, translator name and publisher name. Plays a beautification and protection of books cover the core role of the book. 2, Feng Li (also known as Inside Front) Is the back cover. Letters in general is blank, but used it to print journals directory, or the picture. 3, inside back cover (also called the inside back cover) Is the inside back cover page. Inside back cover is usually a blank page, though, it often cheap franck muller double mystery printed outside of the body or other body of the text, and pictures. 4, back cover (also called the back cover, bottom seal) Books printed in the lower right back unified ISBN and pricing, journals printed in the back cover copyright page, or for printed catalogs and other non-body part of the text, and pictures. 5, spine (also known as sealing ridge) Spine is the spine joins the Department of front and back cover. Usually printed on the spine title, volume times (volume set, books), author, translator and publishing the names were so to find. 6, Crown Books Book cover above the crown is the part of the text printed on the title. 7, Book feet Book cover foot cheap b r m bernard richards twin time is published under the name of a part of India. 8, title page (also known in the cover or vice Cover) Title page buy panerai luminor submersible 1000m is the page in the book cover or lining, the body of the replica cartier baignoire page before. Usually printed on the title page title, author or translator name, such as publishers and publishing of years. Also played the role of the title page decoration, to increase the beauty of books. 9, insert Inserts is more than any layout format range, single print cartridge in the books, the printed one-page chart or table. Sometimes refer to page no more than format, paper size and format the same, but with a different body color printing paper or a book page. 10, chapter pages (also known as the title page or every page) Chapter page in the text refers to the various articles, chapters start in the front row, printed articles, series or chapter name side to a single page. Chapter can only use a single code page, double-code leave it blank. Chapter two-page insert in the code, the general calculation for dark or non-code page. Text pages are sometimes printed with colored paper to show the difference. 11, catalog Directory books and chapters, section headings of the records, the role played subject index, easy to readers to find. List iwc aquatimer watches for sale of publications general placed before the body (the journal for the limited print runs, usually the directory on the inside front, inside back cover or back cover on). 12, copyright page
Copyright page refers to the version of the record page. Copyright page, press the relevant provisions of the recorded title, author or translator name, publishing houses, publishers, printers, edition, printing time, print run, format, print runs, word count, publication year, price, ISBN etc. project. I am an expert from , while we provides the quality product, such as China Oilfield products , Oilfield products, Paper Making Chemicals,and more.