National shoe Standardization Technical Committee has proposed to declare "Children shoes" and "children sandals" standard project plan, which means that children's shoes national standards are in the pipeline. It is reported that, as in Guangzhou, Wenzhou, China alongside one of the three major shoes manufacturing base, Quanzhou shoes companies are actively involved in the preparation professional committee to study the standards to respond to possible ebel lichine on sale changes in the standard children's shoes. Currently, children sport shoes and sandals no national standards of children, good and bad quality children's shoes on the market, individual firms or even follow the standard production of adult children's shoes. Consumers have errors Children's Area with brand products in Quanzhou City store, Miss Liu Purchasing Guide positive customer display flexibility of shoes, a young mother of several children's shoes from the options to select the most soft pair, such widespread . "In fact, not too soft sole shoes, children's developmental stages in the bone, too soft soles of their feet is not healthy, foreign demanding on the hardness of children's shoes." Children in branding expert Chen Shuqing told reporters. Chen Shuqing agent seven years of wave-hui, camels, and other permanent skilled are more than ten enterprises in Quanzhou brand shoes brand marketing work, he analyzed the market, the phenomenon of children's shoes excessive flexibility is still common, many parents are choosing misunderstanding that The softer the better children's shoes, children shoes manufacturer in order to meet market demand, its production also occurred in the direction of deviation. Visited the city's major shopping malls counter children's shoes was found, indeed, such as Chen Shuqing said, the sole curvature larger children's shoes are favored by consumers, the majority of customers pay more attention when buying children's shoes upper, upper softness. According to industry sources, this phenomenon, in addition to the market "soft" strong demand, the number of children's shoes outside the base in cartier tortue watches for sale the product compound of rubber and filler poor cheap breitling bentley for sale choice is one of the main compression of individual enterprises costs, lower rubber content in the formula will result in the end products, soft shoes. Chen Shuqing that, from a technical level, flexibility, less wear high shoes. However, in this context, there are no national standards, which makes children's shoes company at a loss. ??Project to be declared the national standard Quanzhou in Fujian Shoes Association Office Xie Sheng told reporters that the country as the subject of missing children's shoes, some children's shoes sector enterprises in the acceptance testing detection helpless. Under the existing standard, and can not produce physiological characteristics suitable for children foot comfort shoes, some enterprises and relevant units will be developing its own standards, but these standards are not being detected department recognized the phenomenon of children's shoes test failed repeatedly. It is understood that children's shoes can be divided into shoes, sandals and sneakers three categories, only children's shoes with the national standard, that QB/T2880-2007 "Children's shoes", but adult shoes children shoes is the standard reference GB/T15107-2005 "sneakers" the implementation of children's leather sandals is now the reference light of "leather sandals" QB/T2307-1997 standard. "Such a standard, so that children's shoes manufacturers fake girard perregaux for sale in a difficult position. If the standards by the implementation of adult shoes, children's shoes produced by the texture too hard, reducing the shoe's comfort, do not meet the selection criteria of consumers affected sales; but to produce the child health and safety requirements ulysse nardin replica of children's shoes, we must adjust a number of technical indicators, adjusted after the children's shoes often do not meet production testing standards. "industry analysis. It cheap marion watch co a h wallis is understood that under the current market status of children's shoes, footwear National Standardization Technical Committee has been doing extensive research and based on preliminary research, to be declared "Children's shoes" and "Children's sandals" standard project plan. Research well in advance Currently, children shoes no national standards, Quanzhou, children's shoes children's shoes industry, mainly in order to exercise class, the State Sport General Administration of Sports Institute of Science and Technology Liu Qi, Senior Advisor recommendation, Quanzhou Children's sports shoes company in accordance with its own characteristics, improve product scientific and technological content. Such as: enterprise can try with large colleges or scientific research Jigou of Keji project Hezuo, increasing Baohuertong foot Xing Jian Kang's Yanjiutouru way to enhance the capacity for innovation in products of the Fang Hu Zeng Qiang and comfort. Liu Qi that, enterprises must begin making the shoes of children of special technical indicators, extracted from national standards, industry standards and provincial standards of basic data and the test methods, to take their destiny in their own hands. In addition, we must also strengthen the product quality control, quality shoes on the relevant comprehensive inspection. Liu Qi said that in the development Jieduan, it is necessary to the exploitation of material properties Yong detection, and on this basis we set up our business Biaozhun, good product quality and management control of Gongzuo. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as China Adhesive Belting Tape , Colorful Duct Tape, Semi Adhesive Tape,and more.