Dyeing wastewater treatment In the waste water soluble or insoluble pollutants, some or all through the physical, chemical or biological methods to the form of sludge from waste water to separate, to purify waste water. Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment sludge from the various processes, including wastewater pretreatment gate residue, physical and chemical sludge, biological sludge. Wastewater treatment and disposal process adopted by different depths of sludge are also different. 1. Gate slag Because Textile Dyeing of raw materials, different processes, cotton printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing wool, silk dyeing and printing and dyeing industry wastewater pretreatment linen gate residue are different. Cotton printing and dyeing industry: pre-gate residue mainly from natural cellulose cleaning, finishing yarn, fabric processing, small process emissions of fiber, yarn, and cloth strips. In addition, the cowboy Clothing Washed denim industry, the use of pumice, waste water contains large amounts of sand, sand large amount (about the washing bleaching wastewater treatment plant sludge for 50 ~ 70%) and easy to deposit harden, and timely clean-up, Otherwise, wastewater treatment systems throughout the sediment deposition may occur, which effects Sewage Treatment effect. Wool dyeing and printing industry: wool textile industry raw materials used in the majority of animal hair fibers, primarily for wool. Select hair, the processes of scouring wastewater effluent containing sand dust wool, plant grass thorns, hairs and other impurities, combined with the five-slot washing machine, the solid impurities from the first slot. Silk dyeing and finishing industry: chemical fiber silk-processing wastewater contains impurities such as fine fibers, natural silk cocoon production process of peeling, cooking and other procedures will be discharged with cocoon cocoon waste, fine silk and other impurities in the water. Linen printing and dyeing industries: linen printing and dyeing wastewater in small hemp fiber for the main impurities. 2. cheap dunhill bobby finder Physico-chemical sludge Dyeing wastewater sludge from wastewater by physical and chemical coagulation and sedimentation or flotation processing unit, the source of waste water and the increase Coagulant And flocculant type and dosage of different components of sludge and sludge Liangjun different, mainly slurry, dyes and coagulation, flocculation pharmaceutical combination. 3. Biological sludge Printing and dyeing wastewater sludge from activated sludge biological treatment units, including the anaerobic (acidification), oxidation, biological filter such as excess sludge discharged. Biochemical sludge organic fraction, but in general than in less urban wastewater organic content (typically less than 50%). Physical and chemical sludge and biological sludge generally do not separate, unified by concentration??? Dehydration process can, according to the amount of sludge produced on the number of intermittent or continuous dewatering equipment. Batch dryer to frame box Filter Press fake a lange sohne datograph watch Mainly, the continuous belt dryer to the main filter. Wastewater treatment capacity 1000m3 / d above recommended continuous dewatering equipment; handling capacity of 5000m3 / d, a physico-chemical treatment processes, a Taiwan-bandwidth 2 m belt filter press can oris sportsman fake watches meet the requirements. Sludge can be used when hamilton fake watches small amount of sludge drying field. When printing and dyeing wastewater mixed with a large number of domestic sewage on the one hand improve the wastewater biodegradability, the other in the processing waters under the emissions problems of different phosphorus and nitrogen removal should be considered. Since the buy breitling chronomat evolution creation of sludge thickener, sludge will stay longer, easily lead to the release of phosphorus, for which one can use concentrated filter press machine.

In China, printing and dyeing enterprises dyeing sludge incineration plant is transported to the city a good choice. Pretreatment of cake and sediment deposition to landfill is Sludge Disposal Another method. Landfill on the casing of the soil is required, it is necessary to achieve the sanitary landfill requirements, and second, to take into account the ultimate use of landfill sites, to restore the land's value. We are replica kelbert bowling watch for sale high quality suppliers, our products such as China electric pressure rice cooker , multi rice cooker Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits electric range cookers.