Although fake bell ross the global Financial Crisis continues, but Appliances to the countryside Policy of expanding domestic demand, such as the stimulation of deep Konka A (000016)'s lives shuffling home appliance industry a rare opportunity to seize the present momentum of the leap-forward development. From January to May this year, home appliances Konka Sell More than 2008 full year earnings to more than 150% growth in home appliances industry stand out. It is understood that before the end of 2007 electric field deep into the life of Konka has already begun to take shape at the life of home appliance products, a lange sohne richard lange fake watches has included Cooker , Rice cooker , Electric pressure cooker, electric kettle, cooking machine, soybean milk machine, electric oil heater, electric fans and other eight categories of products in more than 100 models. In May of this year's home appliances to the countryside tender, the successful bid Konka cooker full line of franck muller vegas for sale products, to the Konka new opportunity for development. cheap blancpain air command for sale Konka live cattle Weidong, general manager of Electric Division, told reporters the current domestic home appliances market is "brand name" and "-name" coexisting. -Name generally more active in 34 markets, while the presence of 12 brand-name market. With the promotion of home appliances to the countryside policies, Konka and other advantages of the brand will be further made to the 34 market power. Weidong Niu said the financial crisis brought to the home appliances industry, the opportunity to reshuffle the cards, Konka will rely on many years of product competitiveness, channel driver, brand influence and resources integrating force, a strong development effort Small appliances Strive to make life in the five years of domestic appliances business into the top three, the annual cheap concord c1 worldtimer sales income of 2 billion yuan. Konka 2009, which will be winning product innovation and rapid consolidation of the domestic and international sales network, annual sales exceeded 200 million yuan try. "Home appliances and the enormous market capacity is the primary reason for Konka into the field." Weidong Niu said. It is understood that the average European households now have two dozen pieces of home appliances, while the number of Chinese families that only seven, widely promising market prospects. CCID Consulting (0.15,0.00,0.00%) reported that as living standards improve, the possession of family life, home appliances is bound to grow, 2011, the country home appliances sales of more than 150 billion yuan. Weidong Niu said, as the domestic home appliance giant, Konka seize the opportunity to reshuffle the industry, rely on and TV And other business synergies, the strong field into the life of home appliances, small home appliances rolex turn o graph replica watches business is expected to bring rapid development of a new growth point for the enterprise. In addition, Konka outstanding R & D manufacturing system that is able to provide technical appliances of life, a full range of R & D support form. Meanwhile, Konka in the country with nearly 20 000 direct selling, and thousands of retailers nationwide sold the establishment of a direct relationship between the sales network covering a wide range of home appliances to protect the Konka full penetration in the market.

According to industry experts, as the global financial crisis, consumption behavior of consumers more cautious, many second-tier brand of small household appliances sales month this year suffered from 5,6 a margin decline in line with the brand since the brand impact of relatively small, shuffling the entire industry to accelerate significantly the situation. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as Lip Gloss Packaging , Plastic Lip Balm Tube Manufacturer, Lip Balm Packaging,and more.