Dubai and India has shared a long history with the latter providing the muscle to make this gulf city one of the economic powerhouses in fake rolex yacht master ii watch the twentieth century. Dubai was once a fishing village and the discovery of oil cheap daniel roth le sentier in the region has allowed many Indians to come best swiss watch replicas to the city to assist in its development. Now, there are many Indians living in Dubai. Even with the current economic doldrums the city has been facing, many Indians in the city are gainfully employed, helping not only the city but also their families back in India economically. According to latest statistics, there are nearly a million Indians living in Dubai. cheap gerald genta retro sport Amongst those Indians living in Dubai, a vast majority of them have been able to enter the country through a work visa. While in the city, many Indians have set up roots and have allowed the Indian culture to thrive in the city. These include having Indian restaurants, schools and places of worship. The rolex turn o graph replica following are also some of the major concerns for an Indian living in Dubai: 1. One of the major expenses for Indians living in Dubai is home accommodations. The prices though have dropped because of the property crisis that has swept the globe. There are many bargains available so long as property hunting is done beforehand. 2. Obtaining a driver's license is also one of the things Indians living in Dubai. Because of the dangerous driving conditions, both on the road and with other drivers, having a car is important to be able to travel in and around the city. 3. Finding employment in Dubai is important because of the high cost of living in this metropolitan hub. There are many limitations as to work permit requirements for Indians living in Dubai and compliance with them is imperative. 4. Because of the metropolitan vision of the rulers, Dubai has become the shopping hub of the country and cheap ebel type e for sale even the Middle East. For Indians living in Dubai, there are many options as to branded and even local lines for clothing, food and even entertainment. 5. For visa information for those planning to live and work in Dubai, the Indian Consulate is located at the Al Hamaria Diplomatic Enclave. Their phone numbers are 0097143971222 or 397133. They can also be reached at and emailed at As can be seen, there are many options available for Indians living in Dubai. There are many employment opportunities, residential areas and living accommodations not only for Indians living in Dubai but all the other nationalities in this metropolitan city.