Since the reform and opening up, especially in the last 10 years, our abrasives industry as a whole has been considerable progress, can be regarded by leaps and bounds, the major product output tops in the world. Ceramic abrasive technology is developing rapidly, and achieved gratifying results, super-hard ceramic abrasive, special ceramic abrasives have also reached a new level of technology, but it should be noted that, with foreign advanced level of technology is still a certain gap. ????The total domestic abrasive, ceramic abrasive part of the production has accounted for more than half. Past ten to fifteen years, vitrified bond abrasive tools production in European countries increased by 2 to 4 times. Vitrified Bond Diamond and cubic boron nitride abrasives demand is increasing, and is regarded as the most promising large-scale production of one of the grinding process. On the production of super-hard abrasive rolex yacht master online materials identified in terms, in the literature the common bond of glass, glass ceramic binder, glass-ceramic replica watches chopard l u c pro one bonding agent, silicate binding agent title belong to the ceramic binder. Production of ceramic binder known as the vitrified bond abrasive grinding, referred to as ceramic abrasive. CBN vitrified bond abrasive replica rolex watch tools, abrasive quality of such domestic and foreign similar products, compared with a wide gap between the domestic users mainly rely on imports. Currently only high-speed ceramic grinding wheel to reach 65m / s, abroad rose to 80 ~ 100m buy jaeger lecoultre reverso / s, internal grinding wheel can not meet the 80 ~ 100m / s high-speed grinding machines use requirements. Vitrified Bond Grinding steel ball grinding wheel, the current domestic use of firing shrinkage to achieve hardness of superhard level, product quality difficult to control, a high rejection rate, need to adopt non-shrink the production process technology to improve quality. Super-hard abrasive materials, ceramic, low temperature vitrified bond abrasive tools have become the main trends in the development of ceramic abrasive. Ceramic abrasive to adapt to the development of high-speed, high efficiency, high-precision requirements of the times, developing suitable CNC grinding machine, automatic production line production requirements of high-speed grinding wheel, high-precision abrasives. The development of ceramic abrasive ????1877, the United States to do with the clay binder was made of ceramic abrasive grinding wheels, abrasive marks the birth of ceramics, ceramic abrasive began in 1930 the choice of the organization number, l970 years of vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel appeared in the 20th century 80 years later, the rapid development of foreign ceramic abrasive, high level of technology. Moreover, China's ceramic abrasives 50 years from the 20th century began to develop, from the past to the present, ceramic abrasive in the abrasive composition of the total has been dominant, despite the type of material as the binder of continuous development and abrasive types of increased output in the abrasive ceramic abrasive total output decline, but its abrasive still account for a large proportion of the total as detailed in the table below. China's ceramic abrasive in the abrasive sheet proportion of the total annual ????In recent years to the present, the industry, especially abrasive industries and enterprises, for example, Luoyang, Henan, Hubei and other places through the relocation of Danjiangkou transformation and product upgrading, and actively improve the products, and indeed made remarkable achievements. Up to now, the completion of the relocation of transformation, elimination of outdated equipment, improve the level of technological equipment for cheap franck muller master square king more than medium-sized manufacturing enterprises a large number of abrasive. Technical level has been greatly improved, but overall with foreign advanced technology and there is still a considerable gap. Here, mainly on the manufacture and application of ceramic abrasive and foreign to do some analysis and comparison, to identify gaps. I am audemars piguet online an expert from , while we provides the quality product, such as China LED Automotive Light , LED High Bay Lights, LED High Bay Lights,and more.