A few years ago projected domestic market, Education , Business and entertainment machine can be said to be full of our horizon, many businesses and the media speculation has mostly models of these applications. In contrast, the projection of the market for engineering applications on the deserted lot. The last two years, as domestic projector market continues to mature, the majority of users demand projected a new trend, many medium and large institutions, large enterprises and government departments have begun to select high-end projectors, This is absolutely not for Xianbai and show only. Because more and cartier santos replicas more users began to realize the high-end professional engineering machine is a large color screen display solution an effective way, and their use is gradually expanding. Coupled Olympics stimulation and the general enthusiasm of the people, by their industry users Projectors Demand is also growing, we request the projector is also gradually increased, which works projection manufacturers to create enormous opportunities, it would also bring to the project full projection of the development challenges. In fact, many such ulysse nardin maxi marine fake watches manufacturers are working hard, and the market of professional engineering in the basic properties of projection products continuously to leap forward, in the brightness, picture quality, resolution, environmental adaptability, has great enhance our projects from the market after another new projector also can fake iwc ingenieur see that. According to statistics, since the Olympic Games, the domestic market projection model is the fastest growing high-end engineering machines, an increase of nearly 100%, and its prospects are also a growing number of professionals who are optimistic. For such market conditions, Mitsubishi Electric has always attached great importance to this emerging industry, and long-term and system integrators Cooperation Focus on development of universities, government, movies, and so the potential customers. We know that Mitsubishi projector has a high brightness, high resolution, high-performance and other acclaimed worldwide, this feature also would like to express the characteristics and engineering coincide. In 2008, Mitsubishi Electric Dongfeng also taking advantage of the Olympic Games released the engineering product line several times, including the MD-7200LS, MD-7500LS, LX-7800LS and many other classical works machine, these products are also relying on high-profile, high performance and long life are well welcomed by the consumer's attention. With its strong industrial area in projection design and R & D capability, Mitsubishi Electric is also the first time put forward the concept of full range of engineering product line. From here, we can see that Mitsubishi fields in the engineering development potential, Mitsubishi Electric has made such a development strategy?? A long-term perspective, the development of a down market, rising Mitsubishi brand awareness, chronoswiss kairos fake watches but also increase its own market corum trapeze watches for sale share. Entered in 2009, Mitsubishi Electric projectors in the domestic construction market, fight back, solemnly introduced two DLP Technology Engineering machine GX-6400/GW-6800, and in September the project was held in Beijing in projector technology seminars. Mitsubishi Electric high-level meeting an objective, fair and display the new Mitsubishi projector works in the internal structure of the elaborate design, also invited the domestic technology for major media attended the workshop, leaving majority of the industry and consumers their work machines and advanced technologies have a better understanding. With these two works DLP projection debut, Mitsubishi Electric has completed their work in the domestic market, the full line of projection products layout. Planing to have been under the City MD-7200LS, LX-7800LS and other classic old machine, Mitsubishi works in the domestic market projections up to 7?? LF-8300, LW-7700, LX-7850LS, LX-7350LS, GX- 6400, GW-6800, and MD-7500LS so. Do look down upon such seven products, the so-called rich product line not only with a large number on. Of course, Mitsubishi is also a lot of engineering product models, and more importantly, Mitsubishi projectors also have the following features: DLP and 3LCD projection technology co-exist, and this is a consistent feature of Mitsubishi projectors; covers 4000,5000 and 6000 lumens brightness, etc. three-level, application of group selection for different grades; first proposed the concept of full HD project, launched new projects have 1080p resolution LF-8300; the first to have a widescreen resolution introduced LW-7700, which also conform the widescreen trend.

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