Industry in a number of terminals, such as notebook computers, LCD monitors, TV, and LED lighting applications such as backlighting after another huge business opportunities driven by the development of LED capacity with independent Taiwan, Korean firms have expansion deal. Samsung Electronics factory in Korea, Seoul Semiconductor, LG and other major companies to actively invest, the future and Taiwan companies are expected to have some strong rivalry, but on the world stage, also continued to shine. ????Korean plant active expansion LED ????Strong encouragement in the South Korean government, South Korea LED industry in the next three years, the total investment amount will be scheduled up to 4 trillion won (nearly 35 billion U.S. dollars), South Korea by the three LED industry is pioneering maker. Bullish on the future growth prospects LED, South Korea in the industry have spared no effort in the LED business investment, not only the scale of production grew rapidly, and the back-end equipment and materials industry, also followed a major investment focus. ????According to South Korea electronic news statistics, by 2009 South Korea's three hamilton model elinvar fake watches largest LED Q3 total revenue of 9,268 billion won in company (about 800 million U.S. dollars), 3,491 full-year revenue will reach 1 trillion won (about 1.17 billion U.S. dollars), compared with 2008 annual revenue of 6,312 billion won (about 540 million U.S. dollars), growing more than 1 times. ????Samsung's LED business value doubled ????Samsung's LED business in Q1 2009 revenue of 800 billion won (about 6,900 million U.S. dollars), while the 3rd quarter of the output value has reached 1,832 billion won, compared with a multiple growth in Q1, Q2 than 1,470 million won (1.3 billion), growing 24%. Total revenues for 2009 estimated at 6,000 billion won (about 520 million U.S. dollars). ????LED energy saving, long life and other advantages, the market is optimistic about the future of lighting the main force, but fake zenith el primero class open the short term the most critical industrial applications, is still LEDTV needs. Samsung from March 2009 onwards, first bell ross chronograph on sale introduced LEDTV, and gain market acclaim, followed by LG Electronics, Sony, Vizio also went up an estimated 2010 had Cuba on the mainland, LEDTV will occupy 9.6% of GDP. To ensure the LED sources of supply, LED backlight module Samsung restructuring business, and with strategic partners HansolLighting, DASLCD closer cooperation to ensure that the LED material source. ????Strengthening R & D, Seoul Semiconductor LED patent does not fall behind ????Seoul Semiconductor of Korea 2 large LED factory, the company recently announced that Q3 2009 revenues of 1,329 billion won (about 110 million U.S. dollars), annual revenues of approximately 4,500 billion won (about 390 million U.S. dollars), As the fiery revenue the company has raised its 2009 revenue forecast 3 degrees. ????Compared to Samsung, LGLED sector behind South Korea's Electronics Industry Division Support Group, Seoul Semiconductor is the introduction of the Singapore sovereign fund Temasek, 2,847 billion won (2.4 billion) of capital investment. Through this strategic investment strategy, Temasek owns 12% of Seoul semiconductor shares, Seoul Semiconductor will ulysse nardin sonata replica use the funds to increase the metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) machine and related production equipment investment, hoping to Samsung, LG 1 compete. ????Green energy technology index if (GETI) as a basis of comparison, Seoul Semiconductor is clearly not a top class company. The end of 2008, Seoul Semiconductor in the past five years, in the U.S. logged only four kinds of proprietary technology, the world No. 86. However, Seoul Semiconductor to actively invest in R & D budget accounts for more than 10% of total revenue, from 2009 onwards massive patent review in the United States patent number as high as 60 pieces, while the subsidiary SeoulOptoDevice has 50 pieces, 2 total number of patents were enough to Seoul Semiconductor LED manufacturers in the world became, with the number of patents before the more than five enterprises. ??Currently has the largest number of LED patents for the Agilent 145 companies, Nichia 125 and Samsung 100, and Sony is only 40. Seoul Semiconductor has the largest number of LED technology is the packaging-related technology, recently extended to the lighting and the TV backlight technology, and continue the important activities in the international winners. ????Although LG started late but full of ambition ????Innotek, the Company revenues for 2008, 1,751 billion won (about 150 million U.S. dollars) in 2009 estimated at 2,991 billion won (about 260 million U.S. dollars), the growth rate will reach 70.8%. ????Scale from the business perspective, LGInnotek Korea ranked only No. 3, but the whole Group, LG Group is the strength of the dumping, and build a complete LED industry chain, like LED business challenges in the field of global dominance, its unit production semiconductor wafer Siltron, beginning Input LED Sapphire (Sapphire) substrate; and to LED epitaxy, packaging is the main force of LGInnotek, except the industry, but also put into the "old wafer and then using the" cause. Although starting later than three weeks, but the same as the panel industry, LG Group, pay more attention to integration of back-end industries, who can lead the future still uncertain. ????Siltron is LG 51%, specializing in semiconductor and solar wafer, a subsidiary, has introduced sapphire production equipment, production after the completion of the trial, scheduled to be mass production before the end of 2010. Sapphire LED material costs account for about 10%, the recent increase production in the major LED factory atmosphere, there have been shortages. Siltron that the successful mass production, for the LG Group will have a great overall LED business synergy. ????The self-led by the LGInnotek wafer re-use the old technology, is the vertical LED chip production process in the Middle Ages left wafer, after re-grinding together to take advantage chronoswiss opus watches for sale of technology. This is the level of the current commonly used type is different from the production process, wafer after grinding can be used after 2 to 3 times. LG executives said that the technology is mature, it will greatly reduce the LED production costs. ????Terms of industry size, between Taiwan and South Korea in par, but in March 2009 Samsung has launched LEDTV, LG rapid follow-up, two plants they compete together again, so that South Korea produced LEDTV almost swept the globe, the future for Korea LED industry is a roger dubuis much more watches for sale big help. Second, the Korean plant to South Korea but were worried about the quality of domestic equipment, there is currently required by industry in South Korea would remain the MOCVD equipment imported from overseas, but the same as the panel industry, South Korea in the LED behind the material, equipment, industrial investment, there are strong ambition by the government-led plan home-made equipment, but also the entire industry an important part. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Touch Screen Tablet Notebook , Branded USB Flash Drives Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit Plastic USB Flash Drive today!