?mitv Internet TV "aircraft carrier fleet" vacheron constantin toledo replica sailing
<BR> Upgrade for the third time, the end of the year Group buy 30% discount!
<BR> Week, TCL launched the "National Large Group buy, New Year big surprise," none other back-up promotion, its full participation in five series of Internet television, buy enjoy quadruple surprise, the highest for more than 30% discount rate, which makes many savvy consumers wish fulfilled, round the factory by the end of the occasion to buy large-scale promotional
The "preferential dream."
<BR> Reporter visited the store and found, in the TCL Group buy none other concessions Campaign launched the occasion, the same period in the supermarkets of other TV manufacturers are also under way at the end of the promotion,
Gifts, discounts and many many others. Similar to the purchase of TV, "who by price reduction," the Group buy activity is also one after another. But "one-sided" TCL Group buy Internet TV, TV has become the theme of consumers.
<BR> "Starting from the 51, I told friends and relatives, and even invited QQ users group of the same city, to join the end of TV in the Group buy. Can not think of cheap cartier tank americaine watches it really worth waiting half a year." Had been repeatedly investigated over the market Miss Bai Lingzhu a company, see the TCL Group buy this sensational offer price and immediately bought a 46 inch P10FBEG Internet TV, will soon move into a new home for living room use, and also half the value of 1,999 yuan to buy the somatosensory fitness bike for fitness.
<BR> TCL store the promoters fake zenith chronomaster star open watch said that they would appear customers "one-sided" TCL Group buy Internet TV phenomenon, in addition to TCL Group buy price and great product selection and more outside. Group buy before the launch, TCL's all
Global Internet TV just for the third time to upgrade, add powerful new "online viewing" knockoff tag heuer watches function, an important factor in attracting consumers.
<BR> Large number of consumers said the upgrade to add the "online viewing" function, allowing themselves no longer facing a computer screen to see the cheap iwc grand complication for sale movie, but comfortable living room, anywhere to enjoy the big screen in front of television network Shanghai quantity of videos. "And movies, TV shows mass casual-on-demand, or a search can be found, and bring the cinematic high-definition Blu-ray is really thinking about how to look on how to see."
<BR> A trade that, TCL Internet TV why selling is to have the world's leading operating system, the function,
The three major platforms. "Operating system platform unique automatic upgrade, so that TV will never become obsolete; powerful platform to continue to add features for TV Forum, so that television viewing, games, entertainment and other functions continue to evolve; rich content platform, compared to TV film and television,
And information content updated in real time. "
<BR> "Mitv build out the Internet model is the color TV industry, aircraft carriers, three by the world's leading technology platform, individual features or services like an aircraft, by continuously in the 'aircraft carrier' landing platform, achieve more exciting features for consumers and services carry. "TCL official said.
<BR> Present, supermarkets across the fake ebel for sale country, TCL thin X10, thin C10, P10, V10,
Group of five major comprehensive listing of Internet TV, like a super-Internet era "aircraft carrier fleet," not only features a strong leader, is the world leader in industrial design, in which ultra-thin X10 was 2009iF Design Award China, while the global thin C10 were "red dot "Product Design Award. In the consumer
Industry, these two awards is the top high-end product called the "identity."
<BR> Learned this week, buying TCLTCL Internet TV Four big surprise of the National Group buy activity, has entered the countdown. Price reduction spree, a rare opportunity, consumers want to participate in Group buy, please get to supermarkets across the country's TCL counters, or dial the hotline 4007168999 ordering as well as the official online shop shop.tcl.com Login Register now! I am Components Electronic suppliers writer, reports some information about tetrasodium pyrophosphate , sodium acid pyrophosphate.