School of Education, Shenzhen, Yi Tamura Court, two high school security will be a recovery grade students into the school, and soon, that students who had been chasing was hit by several security force that dragged out of school, and carried to the district 100 meters away security room. This farce, the three secondary schools to teach Court, three students had been captain of the security interests of Tamura Beat . After the incident, Futian District Public Security Bureau police station involved in investigating the cheap franck muller master banker matter shatou. [Injured students] verbal assault by the security team leader The three students were called Zhansi Zhao, and Liu Yi-Ji Lin Yukang, they are taught from the vicinity of Court School of third grade. Claiming the first was played Zhansi Charles recalled that shortly after 12 noon yesterday, just after school, he and another fat students are more than 100 meters away from the gate 102 Dong Lou Yi Tin garage door under the shelter, etc. people. "Suddenly a car came out from the garage open, almost hit us." Zhansi Chiu said that this scene happens to be nearby saw a security team leader, who accused them soon as, "Damn court death ah?" Fat students left the scene immediately, and others are still far away but some are not convinced Zhansi Charles, Let me look the guard captain "retaliate" the one. "I never thought he came in my face fan on the face!" Zhansi Charles flashed to reporters replika bvlgari after the swelling of the left face. Few minutes later, Liu Yi-Ji Lin Yukang and came up from school, Zhansi Charles told them what had just been hit, so the three of them together near the security room to "seek justice." According to Lin Yukang cheap e howard watch co series v watches recalls the door before he questioned why the security team leader of hitting them, but he had just stepped into the security room by step, it was a punch in the security inside, followed by a group of security around over. "That the security of our grasp, and I remember the captain's work security number is 0076, then struggling to break free, go to our school, to the janitor's room, where the school gate, called Alarm A, but two security quickly tracked down and put me forcibly carried back from the bureau of which the security of their room. There was even a teacher warning them not out of hand, but they graham silverstone brawn gp replica simply ignore. "Linyu Kang recalled, he was the security they carried, half-way they put down, eventually to be dragged into a security room. Linyu Kang opened a school uniform, exposing the chest behind the other multiple injuries, said the security room after being dragged, then the guard captain beat him more than a dozen boxing lead to multiple injuries to his body. In this process, Zhansi Charles has suffered a bump fists, and Liu Yi-Ji boxing only endured, not cause illness. [Security Officer] has been good to remind students to hit the Chung Yi Tamura security chief, said 12 o'clock noon, he saw a car almost hit two students, "acting in good faith and responsibility" and tried to remind them now, one of the fat high students left, the other unconvinced talk back. "Less than 5 minutes later, he went so far with 67 students, Yi panerai luminor 1950 submersible on sale Jiaochuai security room door opened, there were only me and a duty of security, they came aboard for a kick with his foot on my stomach . "bell captain, pointing to a faint white shirt footprints told reporters that three students were mainly hit him, one of which went to the school, and two security in the past he was trying to criticize him to the security room Education , And he repeatedly stressed that with the past, not after the beating. Monitoring Video School campus security forced the students to pull "Whether students are not wrong, you can ask school leaders to solve, can not force students to tow away from the campus, ah!" Teach Court, the Deputy Director of Middle School Students Stopping the view that the behavior of the security interest Tamura too brutal. Stopping said that when he heard a student dormitory by security outside the school, and rapidly ran downstairs, all the way went to school more than 100 meters away next to the underground garage, he walked just one, in the vicinity of the security on high him yelling, "how come yet? Who told you?" When he stated his own identity, there is still a fierce men not in uniform he was "What kind of you?" After the introduction by the parents, they tone it tourneau on sale ease. Secondary Education Security

Court then also let reporters watch the time of the incident section of the school gate with video surveillance. Video Display, yesterday 12:13, several security around the entrance to the school will be followed by a person forcibly towed away. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as Touch Screen Tablet Notebook , 7 Inch Digital Photo Frames Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits PSP MP5 Player .