Inventory of household appliances in 2007, can be said that all major industry standards into the standardization process of formal year, which year has never been the same as in 2007, replica breguet type xxi watch introduced a variety of industry standards to regulate the industry behavior: Air conditioning , Washing machine Mandatory energy efficiency must sign system; Refrigerator "No fluorine order" into the enforcement phase; Water Heater Must meet the new national standard; 6 Digital TV Monitor 25 high-definition standard industry practice; Chinese fresh outdoor air standards are implemented and so on. Turn of the year, may wish to press on with the implementation of the 2007 introduction of various household appliances industry standards to an inventory review to help us understand the advent of the 2008 Consumption .
TV Industry standards HD 25 2007 1st 1 , our high-definition TV 25 formal implementation of industry standards, which include liquid crystal of concern, Plasma , LCD projection, LCD front projection, rear-projection cathode ray tubes, cathode ray tube type displays such as six high-definition digital TV standard. After the introduction of the standard by standard high-definition TV products paste the appropriate type of certification marks, significantly regulated manufacturers misuse "high definition" propaganda, and safeguard the interests of consumers. There is research data to LCD TV High-definition TV market represented in 2007 to double the growth achieved. Standards promulgated Background: In the major television outlets, almost all plasma, LCD and other high-end TVs are called "high definition" television, corporate tamper with the concept of the common statement, and cartier calibre de cartier for sale the price gap between different brands of large high-definition television, consumers difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the time of purchase, 25 standard definition release, to better regulate the factory acts and help promote growth in high-definition market. TV flat aftermarket industry Service Specification 2007 12 1, to " Machine Repairing a year, the main components for repair for two years "as the core content of" flat Television Service implementation of the views "to implement. "Implementation view" of the main contents include: Plasma TV Whole machine for repair for one year, showing mask at, screen-driven components, screen logic components and other major components for repair for two years; LCD TV machine for repair for one year, showing mask at, screen logic components, screen backlight components and other major parts for repair for two years; plasma and LCD TV product quality problems, returnable within 7 days, shifting, etc. within 15 days. Standards promulgated Impact: Currently, flat panel TV industry into the era ulysse nardin sonata for sale of high technology products, upgrading speed functions are becoming increasingly diversified, the traditional service model and the overall technological level has been unable to meet the needs of industry. "Implementation view" of the flat-panel TV manufacturers specifications and maintenance of the product after-sales service business conduct, to make up for the lack of color TV industry, the various services. Air China Fresh air conditioning industry standards 2007 1 before and after the first representative of the Chinese air conditioning industry, the health of "fresh air conditioning" standard introduced, the combination cheap illinois electric railroad watches of fresh outdoor air standards for Japan, Korea and other developed countries, the health of the most advanced technical specifications, to consumers " without windows, heat plus oxygen, fresh seasonal "demand for the base point, the introduction of Haier replica concord for sale Independent innovation of fresh air conditioning technical standards for wind from the air-conditioning, purification, anion 3 achieve the oxygen degree of technology, degree of cleanliness and freshness of the A, B, C designate the three levels. Where A is the highest rating, based on two-way for wind, air purifiers and negative ion technology to achieve the highest standards of the three. elgin father time for sale Standard on the Background: In recent years, "Dust," "Air conditioning disease" and other words prevalent, as the indoor air temperature and air quality Regulator , Refrigeration and heat just can not meet the needs of consumers on the health of the environment, so health functions as the largest consumer hot spot. However, the concept of the market chaos healthy range, consumers often are "Fudge" feeling, the introduction of fresh air conditioning standard, the introduction of healthy competition in air track, and for major air conditioning brands, can also increase market shares and consumer recognition. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as slitter cutter , steel cutting machines Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit slitter today!