Smartec product line of the network cameras has been supplemented with the new STC-IPM3095A Day/Night IP-camera, designed for video surveillance of the applications with higher requirements for image quality. Due to Sony ExViewHAD CCD, this megapixel IP-camera can transmit video in MPEG/M-JPEG with up to 1280x960 pix. resolution at up to 25 fps. In addition, STC-IPM3095A features replica tag heuer professional watch Day/Night software function and PoE technology. New IP-camera is equipped with audio I/O, motion detector and SD-card slot with 2 GB SD-card (supplied). New megapixel IP-camera transmits video in SXVGA (1280x960 pix.) resolution at up to 15 piaget dancer replicas fps, whereas in VGA (640x480 pix.) or QVGA (320x240 pix.) video frame rate will increase up to 25 fps. In this case, megapixel video from the network camera can be used for archive storage, while video with lower resolution is appropriate for transmitting to the remote users or recording on external media. Unlike many analogues STC-IPM3095A is equipped with Sony ExViewHAD megapixel CCD that allows IP-camera to transmit video with improved color rendering and S/N ratio. Due to 1.3 Mpix resolution, this megapixel IP-camera can be installed at the applications with higher requirements for image quality. In addition, digital zoom function helps the operator to monitor every part of the application. Easy Day/Night function allows the operator to set up STC-IPM3095A operation mode under different light conditions. When selecting B/W or Color mode IP-camera will transmit B/W or color images respectively in all light conditions under 0.4 lux of minimum illumination. In addition, the operator can set the sensitivity level at which megapixel IP-camera will switch automatically between B/W and color modes. To prevent accidental switching between Day and Night replica rolex oyster date watch modes this megapixel IP-camera enables the operator to select the switching delay time. This option is especially useful to avoid camera switching in Color mode when IP-camera is briefly illuminated by the car lights. Another advantage of this megapixel IP-camera is its ability to transmit simultaneously two video streams over the network, which helps the operator to optimize image quality for the IP-channel bandwidth. For example, in M-JPEG megapixel IP-camera allows the operator to select the resolution and adjust video compression level. In MPEG-4 the operator can set QVGA or VGA resolution as well as the rate of video broadcast. Due to patek philippe moonphase fake watches multicast video transmission support, MPEG-4 can be utilized for remote monitoring (unlimited number of users). STC-IPM3095A can automatically adjust image brightness by using electronic shutter and lens aperture. To improve image quality in all light conditions below 0.4 lux, it is recommended to use Slow Shutter Mode that allows megapixel IP-camera automatically select slow shutter. Due to the backlight compensation, STC-IPM3095A will transmit clear image even in bright light. rockford grade on sale Built-in SD-card slot and supplied 2 GB SD-card provides megapixel video replica patek philippe ellipse watch recording without using additional network devices. In this case, the operator can record alarm video as well as pre- and post alarm video streams. In addition, megapixel IP-camera enables adjusting of SD-card cyclic rewriting as well as backup of the information, transmitted to the FTP-server (in case of server malfunction). STC-IPM3095A is equipped with a web server that allows the operator to view video on any PC through a standard web browser. For deployment of a multi-channel video system it is recommended to purchase NetStation software for processing of up to 64 channels. This software enables remote video monitoring, recording, search and video playback as well as PTZ cameras operation control. New product offers two ways of power supply: directly from 12/24V AC/DC sources or using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Due to PoE support, megapixel IP-camera can be powered by the same "twisted pair" that transmits video streams and receives control signals. It can reduce installation time of IP-camera and minimize the cost of electrical cable as well. Due to the audio I/O, STC-IPM3095A provides two-way audio communication between the operator and the application. New Smartec STC-IPM3095A megapixel IP-cameras are offered from stock by Smartec dealers.