A civil enforcement officer is, more or less, a parking inspector and a traffic warden. That may not sound very glamorous. The image of a parking inspector writing out a ticket is one that brings warm feelings to few hearts. Like most parking jobs, b r m bernard richards replicas civil enforcement doesn't attract much love from the public. However, it is a very important job. It may be true that most people aren't particularly fond of traffic wardens but they are even less fond of those who park rudely, inconsiderately, or- much worse- dangerously. We have all had an experience where a badly or illegally parked car made it difficult to see what was in the road ahead or around a corner and at that moment a civil enforcement officer would have been very welcome indeed. The fact is that parking regulations are there for a reason. They exist to keep traffic flowing cheap rolex date for sale smoothly and to prevent accidents. Anywhere there are double yellow lines there is a very good reason not to cheap concord c1 worldtimer watches park a car. Children walking across a street can be effectively hidden by a parked car and traffic is quick to back up behind bottlenecks. Enforcement officers help keep kids and other pedestrians safe from harm and keep the streets clear of jams. The rules they uphold are usually perfectly reasonable and very clearly set out. Few people park on double yellow replica patek philippe lines without knowing they shouldn't, for example. Loading zones and resident parking areas are clearly marked in most cases. If you're thinking about parking jobs or just looking for a new role more generally, consider civil cheap oris sportsman enforcement. It's a necessary and important job and one you can be proud to do. Don't think about what your mates will say. Think of the satisfaction you'll replica a lange sohne datograph get when ticketing an inconsiderate individual who has just parked their sports car in the only disabled spot on the whole street. The Article is written by www.unity-recruitment.co.uk providing Civil Enforcement Officer and Parking Attendant Jobs Services.