"Here is how the energy efficiency logo posted two?" Recently in Guangzhou, a large move forward way Home Appliances Stores, inspectors found a careful business move "small hands", will Air conditioning Prototype energy-efficiency labeling opened, the bottom there is an energy-efficiency labeling. Under "Energy efficiency labeling management approach", where a home listed in the Catalog Refrigerator , Air conditioning, Washing machine , Gas Water Heater Etc., should be the obvious location in the product labeling identifies the energy efficiency of unity, the above stated products, model and energy efficiency rating. Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Detachment Chen Jun explained that the logo on a green the same article that the efficiency of energy consumption, under at least, five red stripe that consume the most energy. This provision, "is an accurate guide to play the role of consumption." Required, the product's energy efficiency rating by the manufacturer to detect the commission finds that the national licensing bodies, identified by the paste. But at the same time, the state also encourages manufacturers to get its own testing laboratory qualifications. This objective makes the energy efficiency label pasted to the power fell to the hands of manufacturers. According to Guangdong Provincial Bureau of elgin veritas online Quality Supervision responsible person, from a recent spot check on the household electrical appliance enterprises, enterprises of the energy-efficiency labeling of use are relatively standardized products factory were pasted prominently on the front of the energy-efficiency labeling. At the same time, the author headed along the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision energy efficiency fake bertolucci labeling spot checks found that some businesses have identified the energy efficiency of appliances sold paste the situation was chaotic, with many operating irregularities, replica hamilton model such as identity on the specify the type, manufacturer nameplate on the product label completely at odds, a product of more than energy efficiency labeling rolex daytona fake watches paste and so on. "Energy Efficiency Labeling not be posted by the manufacturer to you? Why the products appear in stores in energy efficiency in the production company logo and see the situation is completely different?" Face the question of merchants the same story: "The logo and more is the manufacturer posted, we brought up this way. "but I found that many products have appeared in the energy efficiency logo off, depreciation of the situation, and some even go directly to get transparent sticker, it is obvious that these are not the first time identified pasted, but was repeatedly used. Forward way of a store in Guangzhou, inspectors found "little something" for business irrefutable: one identifies the energy efficiency of air conditioning prototype hidden under the other one went so far as energy efficiency labeling, the two identified models and energy efficiency grades are not the same. How can it be explained? Merchant desperation to admit: for the same product with different prototype models to facilitate businesses to chart on the manufacturers to a number of energy-efficiency labeling, a machine paste, or the time to sell this model, you posted this, the next period of watch rolex replica time to sell another models, just above the paste a new one. "Do not look at this a little logo, the maximum fine you one hundred thousand!" Inspectors to the store manager of the illegal operations carried out legal education. Inspectors to produce the "Energy Conservation Law," the 73rd Article: forgery, fraudulent use of energy-efficiency labeling or use of energy-efficiency labeling for false advertising, the product quality supervision department shall order correction, Office 50 thousand yuan more than 10 million fine. "You quickly contact the factory to correct these situations come, so next time, it is necessary panerai fake watches for investigation of the." Chen Jun said that the implementation of this legislation less than a year, many businesses are not familiar with this, or to criticize the current education main. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Silicone Watches , China Sports Watches, and more. For more , please visit Stainless Steel Watches today!