Polymer services company in the recent analysis pointed out that while global demand for plastic additives has increased steadily in recent years, the total consumption decreased from 968,000 tons in 2004 increased to approximately 1.1 million tons in 2007, but in 2008 the industry will face multiple challenges, the main including rising raw material costs, product price erosion and to respond to new environmental regulations. Plastic additives industry profit margins since the late 90s of last century has been seriously diminished, mainly due to intense competition, lack of market rules, leading to price decline. In fake bell ross watches recent years, in addition to rapidly rising oil and raw material prices, the metal and oil prices have also risen sharply chemicals, industry profit margins further squeezed. Biodiesel palm oil industry has become an important competitive market, driving up oil additives such as lubricants and raw materials increase the cost of slip agent. As competition intensified, and many plastics additives business by increasing prices this year will not be able to offset the impact of rising raw material costs, reduced production or even have to face the plight of factory closures. In environmental policy the main challenge is to phthalates, brominated flame retardants and heavy metals in the additives in the application limits. Phthalates have been banned in toy production applications, and its medical devices and food packaging applications may also be affected. Brominated flame retardants due to adverse human health effects is limited. In addition, some heavy metals in the application of heat stabilizers will be limited, non-toxic calcium zinc and tin-based stabilizer may be replaced at some point lead, cadmium and barium-based products. The face of these challenges, some of the industry's leading apple, such as Switzerland, Ciba, Chemtura and the Arts and other response measures have been taken. Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. has been in Singapore this year's production of 30,000 tons / year of new anti-oxidant plant will supply customers in Asia and the Middle East. According to reports, the future of Ciba may also plant in the Middle East. Also in Shanghai, the company already has 20,000 tons / year plant antioxidants. 2005 by the United States and Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Compton merger of the world's largest plastics additives supplier Chemtura Corporation, is still too scattered to their manufacturers to adjust. This year in January, Chemtura announced plans to divest oil chemical additives business. In addition, the company is to adjust strategies to improve their position in Asia. Plastic Additives Demand in Asia accounted for about 40% of the global market, the company sales from Asia accounted for only 11%, the Asian market in the future will become its main target markets. According to recent research, now in North America, European Union and China and countries in three regions of plastic additives consumption less replica corum spartacus watch the same, each a quarter of global consumption, other parts of the world, including other countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa , South America and Eastern Europe accounted for the remaining quarters??. According replica bertolucci watch to reports, the global plastic additives industry yields an annual average growth rate of about 4%, but over quite different. Growth is most critical to China and India, and China's average annual growth rate of about 12%, India's average annual growth rate of about buy rolex gmt master 10%. Ability to promote a large number of new polyolefin additive consumption is growing, the Middle East have above-average growth. In addition, the needs of Central and Eastern Europe and imitation bvlgari Russia, the growth rate is also higher than average. In sharp contrast to those in mature markets such as North America, Japan and Western Europe, demand for plastic additives Zeyi lower rate. In North America because of slowing demand for housing caused slow growth in demand of plastics and additives. In addition, the plastic end-product production facilities continue to move away from Western Europe and North America, slowdown in demand in these markets is one reason.

Analysis of the company in its report that many electronic devices, televisions, computers, toys and other plastic products continue to shift in China is mainly the Far East, leading to the region increasing demand for plastics and additives. Although China is still a net importer of plastics and additives, but with the continuous development of manufacturing, plastic products and food additives produced in China will be further localized. Reported in recent years, almost all of the additive expansion projects are located in China, India, other Asian (excluding Japan) and the Middle East, the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe such as North America or the European Union almost no additional capacity. As the decline in profitability in North America and the European Union to some manufacturers have already shut down many sets of additive device. franck muller casablanca for sale We are high quality suppliers, our products such as designer leather briefcases , China leather briefcase laptop bag for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits laptop briefcase backpack.