A hamilton model elinvar on sale BPO which stands for Broker Price opinion is a report lenders rely upon to estimate the market value of a property.BPO forms are typically about 3 pages long and usually contains data on buy hamilton comparable sales,active listings,local real estate market and the neighborhood where the property is located. #BPO's are very popular these days because armani copies they are less expensive than ful blown appraisals and take less time to be completed.Both have similar characteristics;however,a Broker Price opinion is usually ordered when a bank is considering a short sale or is about to market a real estate owned property.You do not need any formal REO training but should be able to complete a CMA. BPO companies will also order a Broker Price opinion when reviewing options for a past due mortgage.It benefits them by giving them an accurate market value for the property used as collateral and therefore provides them with valuable information to match cheap chopard l u c pro one watches against the amount owed by the borrower.There are many other reasons why a lender order BPO's the most common ones are:refinancing,HELOC (equity line of credits) or request to remove PMI (Private mortgage insurance) The Two Major Types of fake roger dubuis easy diver watch BPOs:Drive by and interior.A drive by Broker Price opinion as its name indicates only requires the real estate agent to drive by the property,take several pictures of the front,side and street as well as report any exterior conditions that would affect the value of the property. It is the most generic type of BPO because it does not provide any information regarding the interior condition of the property which can vary widely.An interior BPO provides a lot more information than the drive-by.It requires that the real estate agent visit the property, take pictures of all rooms, look for damaged or missing items,verifies the room count and sometimes provides an estimate of the cost for repairs.If you are interested to know more details about broker price opinion then Visit www-brokerpriceopinion.com to learn how to make a bertolucci pulchra watches for sale mint within 90 days with broker price opinions.