It was founded in American history that is only 10 years to achieve annual sales of 3 billion U.S. dollars one of six companies; it in 2002 to reach annual sales of 11 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the world's largest Office Supplies Companies; it enthusiastic sport, with its title sponsorship of the "Staples Center" (StaplesCenter) is the NBA Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers and the common home.

2004, global office supplies, "predators" Staples (Staples) came to China; in 2005, it ranked 500 in Fortune 420; in 2007, it became the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (Beijing Olympics news Beijing Olympics Speak) Office Furniture Exclusive supplier.

Into Beijing's Zhongguancun area in the Staples office supply supermarket, an office atmosphere blowing fashion. Here, the office category varied, but not more complicated. The third floor of the office furniture is more amazing, they are all in its place, each occupying a corner as small as possible, regardless of shape or color combination from both reveals the simple and generous. You know, the office furniture will gradually at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games venues and the Olympic Village office debut!

"This is the first in Beijing, Staples office supply supermarket, just put into operation a month ago." In the "office furniture" layer of a simulation of office, Staples General Manager of Beijing Branch of the author tirelessly Road En Ye years. Perhaps everyone that was founded in 1986, Massachusetts office do not understand the brand in the world, it has more than 1,800 office supply stores and warehouse distribution center, more than 69,000 employees, and in 2005 Wing Teng, "Fortune" 500 in 420. However, the vast number of people for domestic purposes, this three years ago to enter the Chinese market, one year ago into the Beijing office supplies company really is a strange term.

Olympics is a skylight "Different now, since April this year, Staples became a member of the Olympic family, even if it is new to many of the people who would add confidence. Sincerely hope that the use of 'Olympic Games' is in the hearts of his big names, we can the quality of the Staples learn more about the Olympic Games can come visit us after the supermarket! "just chatting soon, En Ye talked about him on the outspoken Olympic dream. Indeed, despite its excellent design and Staples convenient service offices in cities around the world has become a family favorite, but consumers fixed, they often been shelved. Fortunately, the end of 2006, BOCOG on the sole supplier of office furniture active recruitment letter sent to the Staples. However, this lucky candidates the same time also sent another letter several similar enterprises.

"We have a lot of funds, strong logistics system, of course, worldwide brand. When we put the best candidates elaborated on their own strengths, the result is very optimistic." Sure enough, just 3 months time, the crowd eagerly position on the "Whispering Staples." According to En Ye memory, the entire applicant process is relatively smooth.

As one of the world's 500 Staples, sports marketing in the United States has been very successful. Its 1999 title sponsor of the "Staples Center" is the NBA Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers and the common home, to become one of America's most popular sports center. In omega constellation fake watches the 2002 Salt Lake City, Staples served as chair suppliers, 1:00 into the United States, "chair" a synonym. tudor watches for sale However, as the Beijing Olympics this category supply 34 different kinds, invested nearly a million, this home office supplies is unprecedented in terms of predators.

Olympic product excellence On the supply of goods
finalized, En Ye, admits: "It is not an easy living. concord c1 chronograph for sale Take for example the chair it for the venue to consider whether the information centers to facilitate movement, folding; for athletes is more to consider carrying capacity, is strong and firmly; for the judges office, comfort is the first choice. "he told the writer that impressed me most is the media in a difficult special Desk The layout design: "Because many media office equipment, wiring not only considering how to make beautiful, but also consider the convenience and safety, temporarily stumped us." Fortunately, the entire Olympic team received the task from that day, it began to explore, from time to time to attract academic and social well-known design views, so that the Olympic Games become the perfect product.

"Frugal Olympics is now the voice is not getting high Why, we have to respond to this call to the Organizing Committee recommends the use of paper-based office furniture. One to save costs, and secondly, to facilitate recycling, environmental protection and energy saving." Staples of the proposal has been highly praised by BOCOG. Ye En revealed that fire is not easy for paper furniture defects, the company has improved the material is to discuss strategy. In addition, Staples plans to collect ideas on the network: "We want to hear the voice, after all, a minority of thinking is limited."

Logistics capability is a major bright spot

Staples has been able to successfully share the Olympic replica blancpain series 2100 watches games this season, also benefited from its complete set of logistics services. "Home delivery" has always been a major feature of Staples. It "we allow purchasing more simple office" as promised, has its own group of logistics and delivery equipment, so as to achieve maximum office efficiency. "Every time, when our staff will be huge when the desk moved into the Olympic construction site, we will know to the Staples people, because we wear neat, polite and restrained." Speaking of which, En Ye proud smile . Company posts every logistics personnel have been trained, and this training began in March this year an increase of Olympic content. "Venues such as how to prevent construction of emergency situations and the training of the sales staff, logistics personnel and other replica watches blancpain leman window positions are critical." Employees will be asked will not feel under pressure, the copy rolex watches young En Ye I answered: "how will it We all had to keep fit while! " I am an expert from China Crafts Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as discounted earth shoes , rental bowling shoe.