Mobile Deductions trap problem a long time, and with the Mobile Gradually spread and increased user demand for value-added services have become increasingly rampant, for such cases, most recently, the relevant regulatory authorities and telecom operators have also introduced a series of policies, the survey showed rapid increase in complaints related to the amount still on situation. Phone deductions trap once again aroused concern about the issue, in more than a month, the regulatory authorities and telecom operators have introduced a series of policies, the survey showed rapid increase in complaints related to the amount still on trend. Interlocking interests of the Union is the main reason Consumption, according to 315 Electronic Complaints network statistics, the recent amount of complaints since the SP was rapid upward trend, SP impunity continues to grab money. CCTV has recently exposed a number of domestic mobile phone again, "stealing money" behavior. Phone built-in trap position in respect of time charges do not cure? Analysys International analyst Wang left believed that, on the one hand, the constant expansion of mobile phone users and the degree of increase in the demand for value-added services, forming a huge benefit market, attracting waves of participants. Followed by the telecom operators in the deductions loopholes in replica vacheron constantin supervision zeno basel replica watches and management, not in strict accordance with the provisions of the second to confirm deductions deductions, can not use the normal business deductions trap screening and cell phone, from mobile phone technology to eliminate deductions The emergence traps, some departments with fake rolex submariner terminal manufacturers, SP, mobile solution providers and other industrial chain links into a chain of interest alliance clear objective to increase the fees mobile phone built-in barrier traps. Series of Ministry of Industry and enforcement measures introduced Month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has increased the deductions on the phone trap crackdown, following the introduction of "mobile phone custom regulations" request "custom built-in phone may not cure the SP code, SP services, links and SP client software ", the Ministry of Industry and OFTA has recently held a special meeting in Shenzhen on the mobile phone industry chain of deductions trap be sorted out. replica patek philippe twenty mini Department of Industry and Information Technology Telecommunications Authority inspector said Zhang Xinsheng, malicious charges cell phone companies is not only the problem, which involves all aspects of the industry chain. He asked, chip enterprises should strengthen the supervision of the downstream business to take effective measures to restrict criminal enterprise programs, SP and mobile phone businesses violations; Second, enterprises should strengthen the program Cooperation Party review of SP and CP, and clear in the contract penalties for violations. Industry call for greater punishment "Enterprises should also increase the penalties for non-compliance efforts!" A line of people in that, in addition to strictly enforce the deductions user secondary confirmation mechanisms, should also encourage users to report "one-click-deductions" or even "built-in timer replica rolex explorer button costs "behavior, the implementation of reporting prize.

"From the moment, the service provider after the interests of non-compliance penalty is much greater than damage from such phenomena," King left believed that, in mobile payment services in emerging markets are still in the initial stages of development, there is lack of relevant legislation, the complexity of fraud identified the same time, service providers and a series of low violation cost problems, the user is not easy to detect Rights complicated process. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China Mini GPS Pet Tracker , Child Tracking Device Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits fake concord saratoga for sale Mini Pet Tracker.