Selling your Home, Buying your Home visit - "> Buying a house is more fake giuliano mazzuoli watch than just finding something that fits within your budget. This is the biggest purchase you'll ever make, so here are the most important things to consider. What Are You Getting? Be crystal clear about what is included in your purchase, such as furnishings, appliances, and window treatments. replica columbus watch co watches Also, know exactly the size fake tag heuer watches for sale and layout of the lot it sits on, how close it is to the neighbors, and whether it backs up to a loud, busy street. And be careful about buying more house than you need; while it's tempting to buy the biggest house you can afford, it also means more to clean and maintain. What's the Neighborhood Like? You can change anything replica ebel beluga watches about a house except its location, as the old saying goes. Take a look around the neighborhood. Are the surrounding houses in good condition? Are they neat, or are the yards overgrown and filled with trash? Is it quiet, or are cars zooming by every minute? Are there fake breitling colt ocean for sale schools, shopping, hospitals, parks, and other attractive facilities nearby? Check local law enforcement websites to see whether the area is peaceful, or crime ridden. If you have school-aged children, ask what school they'll attend; buyers often pick a home near a school, only to find out their child will be bused elsewhere. And if there's a homeowners' association, do they have strict rules about what you can and can't do? Does Everything Work? Look for cracked walls, shabby carpets, stained ceilings, or other evidence of disrepair. Ask specific questions of the fake iwc ingenieur watches current owner about the condition of the house and appliances, if any, that will come with it. If you're allergic to pets, ask if any have ever lived in the house; many sellers hide evidence of Fido and Fluffy while the house is being shown. And always get an independent home inspection for any house before you close the deal. A House for All Seasons. Drive by the house at night to check out the street lighting. Drive by during the week and on weekends. Drive by after a big storm to see if it's flooded out. Are people out happily walking the streets? Are children playing in the yards? Does it look and feel safe to you? How Much Will It Really Cost? A house is more than a mortgage. Find out what you will have to pay for property taxes; homeowners' insurance; water, sewer, and power. Ask about homeowners' association fees, too - what are their regular fees, and how many times do they charge new assessments for improvement projects?