Since 2008 the global replica corum Financial After the outbreak of the crisis on the real economy have a huge impact and influence. Under such a background, China Home Appliances What the industry into a momentum? Into 2009, the State focus on stimulating domestic demand, a series of policy initiatives to be implemented and achieved initial progress in macroeconomic stabilization phase, the Chinese home appliance industry to improve the environment, but from the general run of view, domestic appliance market no avail to replica ebel lichine watch maintain a growth rate of inertia, especially air conditioners, washing machine industry shows an internal worries. Market trends?? Hard brother younger brother added difficulty Air conditioning: the retail market declined for two consecutive years porsche design on sale Washing machine: 3 years, the first negative growth in industry According to the State Information Center, monitoring data show that in 2009 the cold, the domestic retail market size air conditioning units to 23.2 million, compared with 2008, the cold, retail sales fell 5.46%% Sell 12.78%% of the decrease. With frozen year 2008, domestic air conditioning for two consecutive years the cartier roadster fake watches retail market has been showing a downward direction. In Yee company data, in 2009 the domestic washing machine down, falling exports, there has been the industry's first 3 years of negative growth. This year from January to August, sales of domestic washing machine market as a whole fell by 11%% -14%%, which focuses on the urban market size of the overall sales decline more significantly, down 21.18%%. Here, in particular, to enlarge the market turn to look at changes in washing machines. Four quarters of 2008, the domestic washing machine market growth replica cartier rate has shown a decline in the state quarter by quarter, fourth quarter 2008, up by nearly quarter growth rate has dropped to the bottom. Until the first quarter of 2009, washing up the domestic market size and sales growth trend of only showing the gradual rebound, giving the information of some joy. First half of 2009, washing machine market is still in decline stage, sales of 12.28 million units of domestic scale, the amount of 17.1 billion sales, up sales decreased 2%%, sales rose 1.9%%, face first in three years of negative growth. Price competition?? Can circle can point Air conditioning: close to 11%% decrease Washing machine: brand spreads gradually widened According to the State Information Center, monitoring data show that in 2009 the cold, the focus of the overall price level in urban air decreased 10.97%%, Wall fell 3.74%%, air conditioning, cabinet air conditioners down 6.99%%, the overall average price of air conditioning refrigeration by the year 2008 of 3322 yuan / Taiwan reduced to 09 frozen year 2957 yuan / Taiwan, prices drop nearly 11%%. Average price of the most stable Inverter air conditioner Area, great changes have taken place, which makes 2009 the cold air in the domestic retail market, the level of the average price decline for several years for the first time the phenomenon. The PRC, according to company data, from the automatic Washing Machine Price competition point of view, the main brand products are two characteristics of price competition. First feature is 1800 yuan Haier occupy a relatively large market advantage. Automatic Washing Machine in the low-end market, 1,100 yuan to 1,200 yuan, all of the best-selling model is the model of Haier, Haier accounted for three main sales model in the top three overall industry sales. The second feature is that rolex watch imitation Matsushita Yuan in 1900, the market competitiveness is obvious. 1900 yuan to 2000 yuan price level segment, the Panasonic three washing machines account for the top three market models. From Washing Machine Sales situation, Panasonic, Sanyo, LG and Samsung, in some ultra-high-end market performance, as well as some ultra-low-end market performance is also commendable. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as skeleton dial watches , China mechanical alarm watch, mechanical automatic watch,and more.