To break down foreign enterprises from over High pressure Movable pumps, distributed technical monopoly, 1998, Shenzhen SEG Plaza 300.8 m single-pump vertical pump height, then in 2002 to create an international financial center of Hong Kong's 406 meters world record for a single pump vertical pump, Sany Heavy Industry Again and again to show the world with cheap rolex sea dweller their presence. In 2007, Sany Heavy Industry to 492 m fake oris sportsman for sale of the modern construction of a new record high once again, prove to the world of the 31 "high quality." 2007 12 10, Shanghai Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Shanghai World Financial Center, Sany HBT90CH a high pressure pumping concrete pump concrete to the construction height of 492 meters, breaking his five years in Hong Kong financial center, single pump vertical pump set 406 meters world record. Shanghai World Financial Center next to Jin Mao Tower, Concrete Project The total capacity of 234,500 cubic meters square, pumping height to 492 meters. Construction process, depending on the structure used for the C30-C60 strength grade of concrete, which are filling the internal roof truss high flowing concrete. As this building High-rise building Construction of the main concrete equipment, 31 to 40 hours of high pressure movable pumps, distributed continuous casting more than 30,000 cubic meters of concrete floor main building of the pumping capacity, to ensure the construction of high efficiency, in the main building cap, the single pump to pump copy watches hong kong the concrete vertical 492 meters. In addition to high pressure movable pumps, distributed, there were 8 sets of 31 facilities involved in pouring the foundation of the project. 31 pump enjoy "King Pump China" reputation, has 39 patents, has been awarded a national user satisfaction with product, brand-name goods series equipment, trailer Concrete Pump Series of brand-name products, superior to its excellent stability of the pumping and the construction side has won praise. Newly completed Shanghai World Financial Center 492 m in height, becoming the world's high-rise buildings have been capped a new high, exceeding the current roof height of the world, with a total height of 480 meters of the Chinese Taipei 101 building. Challenge continues, 31 pump is involved, including 610 meters of the "world tower" in Guangzhou TV Tower, 98 storey building Europe's tallest Russian Federation and abroad, including major construction projects. Sound Sany Heavy Industry CEO Yi Xiaogang: "As long as architectural design unit can how high, how high the pump will pump 31, 492 waltham riverside maximus replica m limit is not 31." Shanghai World Financial Center Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager? Wild Valley Shoji: "I am very excited, 31 pumps a complete 492 m of high pumping task, this is a historic moment. 31 devices with dragon charm . " Chang'an University, Mechanical Engineering, Dean, PhD supervisor Jiao Shengjie: "31 of today's success, to show the world replica tag heuer aquaracer for sale the China Construction Machinery National Brand Strong independent innovation capability. " China Mountaineer Wang Yongfeng captain: "climb the highest peak in the Himalayas on the world, the challenges of human nature; 31 to 492 m concrete pumping the first high peak is a scientific challenge." Built in Tangshan City Concrete Co. Stone, Chairman Mao Junmin: "492 m, on the concrete delivery is a challenge to a great height, I really particularly excited, as the national brand and pride."

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