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? 2009 China International Conference offshore wind power and transmission speaking guests
Chengdu Jia Ling building a strong intelligence Wind Power
Although there last year Financial Crisis, but wind power construction in China is still underway, a booming, showing unprecedented prosperity. Whether investors, policy makers, managers, or implied in mind are no small concern, domestic wind power industry, the lack of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, high investment, low income, high-risk, low reliability, the effective running time is not long , power quality and destabilizing effects of long-distance transmission network and the difficulties and other factors, restricted the construction of wind power development. Seriousness of the problem More than that, foreign to our blockade, and we very much admired so sophisticated technology really improve on it? Now we have the introduction of foreign technologies in production and construction of domestic wind power of a simple situation.

1, the existing wind power systems the main problems
1, the low efficiency of the system
Traditional overall power generation efficiency wind is low, the output power of the effective time of only more than 2000 hours per year, less than 30% of 8760 hours throughout the year, even if effective in such a short time, really, when full-fat power not to 10%, the rest of the time Generator The efficiency of the majority of about 35%. According to an survey of the existing wind farms probability summarized in Figure 1.

Domestic models introduced mainly double feed and the permanent magnet direct drive. Double-fed gear box to eat 10%, narrow speed range, below the rated speed 1 / 5 can not grid, small wind power generation can not even turn, turn by dragging grid, even in winter gear by electric heating.

Permanent magnet direct-drive transmission efficiency than the double-fed has increased, but there are still large starting moment of resistance can not really wind power generation, control and adjustment process may still be dragged down the problem, so the existing wind power overall system efficiency is very low.

Figure 1, a wind farm output power probability replica tudor mini sub watch distribution
2, no power consumption, poor stability of the system
Currently the main way that the power grid of units, whether double feed or direct drive, with 690 volts, each with a converter unit, the back and then hung a box Transformer . Little or no electricity generating power when the converter, transformer hanging on to jaeger lecoultre replica run year round, so that the wind farm requires a large number of non-functional real-time compensation amount. As the unstable characteristics of the wind, so wind turbines would frequently put in and out, wind farms are a limited grid of small power grid, a unit of the advance and retreat will seriously affect the voltage fluctuations in power but does not allow voltage appears large fluctuations, they could only increase the converter reactive power compensation and voltage stabilization capability, which undoubtedly increased the cost of converter and active consumption. This is also still can not satisfy the need for reactive power grid, so the wind farm, without exception, even with High pressure Dynamic reactive power compensation device. Therefore, this wind made the existing grid is inefficient, replica watches concord saratoga fragile and unreliable system.

3, the transmission loss of a large, long-distance exchange of maritime transport is more difficult
Single power increases, more and more distant transmission distance, transmission loss is more significant. Offshore wind power grid of the land after the long-distance AC transmission process exists for the transmission cable and wiring within the shield between the capacitance effect, through the conductor and cable shield current greatly increased, so that line losses and reactive power loss is large to achieve long-distance high-voltage alternating current transmission power. In addition, due to changes in wind load transmission line voltage fluctuations lead to a direct impact on the nearest power user. 70% of China's wind energy resources in coastal waters, farther from land, wind better. The offshore wind turbines for power generation than land-based power generation increased from 1000 to 2000 hours. Therefore, the efficient transmission of wind power at sea is to determine the offshore wind power development in key technologies.

4, high cost, complexity, maintenance difficulties, poor reliability
Wind generators each with a four-quadrant converter, its control demands a high, if matched with easy to damage the efficiency of the rise of low-speed box, expensive, and once failure As we all know, will pay a high cost. In fact, we still use the conventional concept of the traditional network to build a modern Wind Power. Wide distribution of wind power, mostly in inaccessible places, and offshore wind power generation on higher maintenance costs, which inevitably demands wind power system should be simple, reliable, maintenance-free, high efficiency, low cost.

5, wind power and large grid connection is not yet ready
Past due ratio of wind power are very small, network planning and construction are no special attention is normal. The existing power transmission network design is based on the traditional main line are not considered the case of wind power, and power grid is designed to network-specific, use the existing network to accept wind power, wind power accounts for the rapid development and increasing proportion, especially contradictions; as wind instability, not controlled, wind power area and user area far away, a long-distance transmission capacity and stability there are many problems to be solved.

Second, building a strong intelligence Wind Power
1, the strong and efficient smart Wind Power Technology

Introduce us learn to walk, but can we go beyond innovation. Since there are so many existing wind power issues, then such a huge investment really worrying. However, the situation can change quickly, build a wind turbine is different from traditional systems, advanced technology, high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, low investment in wind turbine technology? Chengdu Jia Ling Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. After 10 years of painstaking research, introduced the new scheme can significantly reduce system cost, the output power quality and stability of wind power to solve long-distance sea transportation currently existing technology, and network bottlenecks and high-quality problem, installed in the existing conditions a substantial increase in power output, the main network can provide reactive power omega constellation online compensation, cancellation of the traditional wind farm reactive power compensation equipment and a large number of boxes change equipment to achieve the low and high wind speed conditions can be highly efficient and stable power to run. I am China Toys Suppliers writer, reports some information about strawberry bread recipe , cnc operator.