Designs of citrus juicers have been patented since the 1800's. There are a lot of different citrus tourneau sportgraph replica watches juicers. There are manual and electric juicers. Nevertheless, they are all based on the first few juicers. For centuries, citrus fruits have been known for their nutritional and medicinal value. All citrus fruits are the same in terms of their shape and composition. They are all round with soft centers. Thus, citrus juicers are designed to be able to extract juice from different kinds of citrus fruits. Reamers Among manual juicers, the theory behind a reamer is still used in designing juicers until now. Reamers are common kitchen utensils. They have a handle on one end for smaller citrus fruits. It has a conical and ridged part at the other end. Reamers are designed to extract juice through twisting the coned part into the exposed flesh of half a citrus fruit. Half the fruit is held on one hand the reamer is held on the other. The ridges scrape into the pulp and extract the juice out of the fruit. Modern juicers, whether manual chronoswiss delphis online or electric incorporate the conical part of the reamer in their design. Up to now, half a fake rolex datejust ii watches citrus fruit is pressed on top of the ream and twisted to extract the juice. Squeezers Citrus squeezers are primarily made for lemons. The first squeezers are also kitchen utensils. They look like two spoons on top of each other. The round end is attached and the fruit is placed between it. The handles are brought together squeezing the fruit in the middle. cheap a lange sohne This is still used in modern citrus juicers. Some form of contraption is still used to squeeze knockoff vacheron constantin watches the fruit. Pressers The first citrus press actually pressed the fruit flat on its base. Using mechanical force with a lever, the fruit becomes much easier to press. Lemon and lime typically use hand held squeezers and reamers. For this reason, the new juicers still make use of the principle behind them. However, they have been adjusted in order to be used for other bigger citrus fruits. Modern citrus juicers also have pressers. More advances ones incorporate all of the above. Citrus juicers basically squeeze, press and ream the citrus fruit in order to obtain high juice yield. Choose the best citrus juicer that fits one's needs. Manual citrus juicers juicers are not advisable for people with small hands or arthritis. Electric juicers may be costly, but they make replica watches for sale juice much faster than their manual counterparts.