Juventus now has back to the point that can not be described, two straight league, ranking even more than Rome, fell to seventh in the league, do not talk about Del Neri's first four goals, left the Bianconeri more practical strive to participate in next season's European Cup qualification. Juventus will be at home this weekend Football Shirt AC Milan to face, that game has become a top club coach Del Neri for the set of the line between lives, Italian media said cheap hamilton elinvar for sale the three-game losing illinois sangamo for sale streak when Juve, Del Neri will be class. Monday, Italy, Juventus officially announced preliminary financial half of cartier tank francaise replica watches the season, out since the European Cup, league record of worse, loss of the old woman replica rolex none watch has reached 39.5 million euros, and then led his unit to Del Neri's performance, but also to the ball compounded the impact of the financial team. 4, according to Italian television Italian Football Shirt said Agnelli, chairman of Juventus Del Neri special summoned. The "Gazzetta dello Sport" is revealed, while attending the talks along with Pavel Nedved, and Ma Luota. "Gazzetta dello Sport," said that in the talks, Del Neri still get a high level of trust, he was able to stay in the coach's position to the end of the season, but only the team's record is no longer continued to decline. Of Ewing, let no wealthy has been proven ability to coach Del Neri to stay, it is quite upset, because in such times, could not have been more appropriate candidates for the temporary office. Of course, if Juve Juventus Shirt down again, then the senior clubs in the intolerable situation, it is replica watches rolex gmt master ii not fired Del Neri is not directly possible. "La Repubblica" on the said race weekend challenge AC Milan, Del Neri will be the last chance, if we lose, this will be the coach Del Neri Bianconeri's last game. replica watches franck muller vegas Although Del Neri has a downturn, but Gianluigi Buffon is still coaching the end of this season for his support, "he should at least stay until June, when the beginning of the season, Juve have given him 100% of the trust, then now should Del Piero shirt support him to the end of the season."Buffon said," Only then can we judge the coach's success or failure of justice. In any case, I repeat, all the players support the Del Neri, beat Inter, we say that it was a great the game. " Diaz in the last round after the match, said: "Del Neri and I saw in the eyes Juve players fear and anxiety." And, after two straight sets, the Italian media has already begun inside Hou Deer times (if this, too, of an era) and predicted, "La Repubblica" said Coach Marcello Lippi will be a transition until the end of the season. As the mouthpiece of Juventus, "Turin Sports Daily" is published in the 1, the next coach of the front page photos of the three candidates, namely, the former coach Luciano Spalletti is the Roma, Lippi, and Conti. Conti denied the allegation but said he has not taken into consideration within the scope of Juve. In addition, "all Juventus," said the Juve and even look forward to this season, led the impressive record in Naples Mazari made to take over Juventus next season.