Card printing all kinds of signs: transparent PC, PVC signs HC Network Screen Printing Special printing industries Channel First, the product design Transparent PC Signs Is Polycarbonate (PC) as substrate, by Mold Thermal injection molding, and then follow-up process to complete the sign pattern of a decorative color and protection signs. As the PC material has good transparency, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, thus enhancing the product grade. >> Sign card industry: all kinds of scenery Unlimited Transparent PVC Signs are Plexiglass For the substrate, by thermal injection molding or die cut type Plate Follow-up process after completion of sign design and the protection of another color decorative signs. PVC sign of transparency and wear little worse than cheap iwc grand complication for sale the PC plate number, but slightly stronger than the PC processing of signs. Transparent PC, PVC signs generally use the oval or round shape design applied to product design label, the basic plate is not produced by this process. Color to one color-based products, there are two-color. Some of the direct use of flat plate panel processing, the product design, text, commonly used Screen Printing After the completion of filling paint or sculpture. 2, Die As polycarbonate (PC), PMMA (PVC) injection characteristics than ABS Engineering Plastics Complex, in franck muller chronobanker replica the mold shrinkage to be considered the proportion of the product and the positive impact of transparency on the product shape. Especially the mold of finish, smoothness fake rolex cellini danaos watches injection of a larger product. Die Jiaokou choice is also very important. If the intersections poor choice of products will result in reduction Bie and cut gate defects, affect the product's look. Where possible, the gate in the cheap e howard watch co watches non-intuitive surface the best choice. Therefore, the mold usually submarine gate. 3, injection Polycarbonate, acrylic, before the injection in Oven Granules within the baking, the time and temperature should be based on conditions and material properties for mold optimization. Through the preheating of the material can maintain the product after injection of transparency, to prevent rapid temperature injection molding granular products appeared transparency decreases, the product surface yellowing. Due to the shape, pattern is the depression, the depression part of any of the particles, defects in positive perspective will enlarge when the defect. Therefore, the injection, and other parts of the mold cavity to close observation. If there are problems, we must promptly address. Product after injection molding, the gate should be carefully trimmed to avoid defects. To prevent warping the product, after injection of the product ejection, cooling products, should be to formulate the best plan. Product after repair, to adopt appropriate Package Way to avoid friction between products. 4, background processing
PC, PVC plate injection molding, the products are generally colorless transparent. Product design according to the requirements of the product color processing. Most of the current selection color substrate Plastic Ink Using the screen printing process. The steps are: (1) According to the product design process Screen Printing Edition; (2) Choose a reliable product positioning and Make Tooling; (3) and mix thoroughly ink from drying oven dried to enter after 10min. Oven temperature should be controlled within 100 , time 1.5h. Some products can be used from the dry form. To ensure that replica breitling swiss products produced solid color, usually printed twice. I am an expert from, while we provides the replica bell ross chronograph for sale quality product, such as China 10 Inches Tablet PC , China Automobile Tracking Devices, Eink Ebook Reader,and more.