40 billion U.S. dollars contract
??Labor shortages led to Braus (Browse) liquefied natural gas project development can not be on time, is the beginning of this year, Australia's second-largest oil and gas company Woodside (WoodsidePetroleum) and 40 billion U.S. dollars in oil contracts the main reason for failure.
????Woodside CEO Don? Water (DonVoelte) on March 26 on the transactions made to explain the reasons for failure. replica chronoswiss timemaster watch
????September 6, 2007, Woodside Petroleum signed a framework agreement with each item purchased from ??????? natural gas from two million to three million tons of natural gas, supply start time of 2013 to 2015. Framework Agreement on December 31, 2009 expire. January 4 this year, the company announced the two sides, as Braus project development delays aging framework agreement.
????Water, said, Braus project development delay, mainly due to the Western Australian population, the labor supply, in the same area competing resource projects launched several locations replica panerai luminor base watch in the environment, can only delay the pace in the short term as China can not be completed a lot of infrastructure. Woodside has also considered the import of foreign labor, but the visa policy rests in the hands of the federal government, and skilled workers to enter Australia must pass the qualifying examination in English, virtually obstacles, companies can not do anything.
????Walt said, Braus project development may be delayed for two years. Late last year, he accurately informed of this oil, the oil expressed the hope that the supply as early as possible, such as Woodside can not be achieved within the time stipulated in the agreement supply, intends to turn to other areas, other items of gas source.
????"This does not affect the relationship between us and the oil. Perhaps we will renew the next front." Vaught said.
????According to him, in the long-term supply of oil and Woodside announced that the limitation of the framework agreement the next day, he received several calls, chronoswiss opus replica hoping to substitute the location of oil, including from another Chinese oil company's telephone. He would not disclose the name of this Chinese company.
????Labour shortages in Western Australia wide business owners complain about the problem. CITIC Pacific Mining is a previous chairman of East China in Beijing rolex oyster date replica watches to accept new money when reporters pointed out that the Australian Government to protect local labor employment and treatment, are reluctant to develop the labor market in developing countries, leading to labor shortages replica watches iwc spitfire in Western Australia, is extremely high labor costs, and workers working for enterprises lack a sense of belonging, change jobs frequently.
????East of a proposal, the Australian Government's skilled workers needed for the project to relax soft constraints such as language skills, production manuals, and qualifying examinations bilingual in order to alleviate the problem of artificial tension. I am an expert from Components Electronic suppliers, usually analyzes all replica armand nicolet tramelan for sale kind of industries situation, such as slip on recoil pad , socket weld fitting.