California Fitness Locations: Beijing(1), Shanghai(1), Hong Kong (10) in China. Singapore(4) Taipei (5), Taichung(1), Taiwan 3 former Malaysian clubs were acquired by Celebrity Fitness. Former Korean clubs closed in 2004, the Thai chain spun off into California WOW. California Fitness Membership Scams Even though the club is popular largely from its publicity stunts and marketing campaigns, there have been several reports regarding the members being charged fees beyond their membership periods fake cartier ballon bleu for sale or after request of cancellations. A largely affected group of Members are from Singapore where the law is quite strict and binding. The business model of this fitness club chain is hugely criticized by the public mainly because they end up paying more than what is ever told by the sales executives. Similar incidents has been alleged against their parent (24 Hour Fitness) and there are two existing cases against them in the courts of California, United States. One of the cases has been recently settled ruled in favour of the public who had fought for re-imbursement of the additional fees taken by the club by means of unfair business practices. In the settled case the plaintiff had alleged that 'The third cause of action alleges that 24 replica daniel roth le sentier for sale Hour Fitness practices and contract are unfair and unlawful in violation of California Business and Professions Code section 17200, as 24 Hour Fitness allegedly collects dues beyond the term of the membership contract in violation of the Health Studio Services hublot big bang king replica watches Act (SSA), fails to comply with statutory formatting and disclosure requirements of the HSSA, and sells monthly membership agreements using false and misleading representations and advertisements prohibited by Civil Code section 1812.92 and Business and Professions Code section 17500 et seq. Based on prior rulings by the Court, the nlawful portion of this claim only applies to Class Members who entered into their contracts after January 1, 2002.' The was upheld by the court in the verdict. . The other case is in San Francisco Superior Court (Case No. CGC-05-446492).[] California WOW Xperience Despite company changes, California WOW Xperience is still frequently confused with California Fitness. California Wow Xperience (California Wow X) are related but totally separate companies which were spun off of California Fitness in early 2000s, with the California Fitness founder Eric Lavine as the CEO. Korean branches were spun off as local franchises, whereas the Thai branches are run as joint ventures with Major Cineplex as a major institutional shareholder. The company is actively traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, ticker CAWO, in contrast to the privately held branches of 24 hour fitness and its fully owned subsidiary California Fitness. Today, with Korean branches out of business, California Wow is headquartered and run entirely from Thailand, not the US. Its Vietnam unit is run as franchises similar to Korea, and Thai membership does not extend to Vietnam or vice versa. After taking on much debt to finance its growth from 2 gyms to 10 in 2 years, the gym has entered into an extended period of no growth. Expansion to Vietnam There was a grand opening for the Vietnam branch in December 2007 in Saigon. The Clubs are located at business District of D1 and D5 of HCMC. The clubs are rebranded as California Fitness and Yoga Centers as of December 2009. Branches Calif Wow X Thailand, PCL operates 10 branches: 8 in Bangkok, Thailand, 1 in Pattaya, 1 in Chiang Mai. It closed cheap breitling bentley watches a gym on Sukhumvit 31 that was female only. fake ulysse nardin watch 2 branches in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, District 5 and as of October 25 2008, in District 1. The Clubs are renamed California Fitness and Yoga Center as of December 2009. Formerly: Seoul(3), Daegu(1), Korea. Termination of cross-memberships In August 2008, cross membership agreements between California WOW Xperience and affiliate companies (Cal Fit and 24 Hour) were terminated. This completes the split into completely separate gym companies. California Fitness and 24 Hour still maintain replica rolex datejust royal pink watch their cross agreements. Korean bankruptcy Locally franchised branch of California Wow went bankrupt in Korea in April 2008. According to the Korean news media, the Korean employees had not been paid for the previous three months salary. Members of the gym are banding together to sue the company for membership fees. Approximately 40,000 people were members of the club. Member have not received any compensation for their memberships, nor does it seem as though they will. The club sold memberships right up until the day they closed. References ^ Inhabitat  HUMAN-POWERED GYMS in Hong Kong See also China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan California Fitness Thailand California WOW Xperience Thailand Korea California WOW Xperience Korea California WowX Franchisee files for bankruptcy Other Related Information Court Case against 24 Hour Fitness Categories: Health clubsHidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November 2009 The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as amd notebook laptop Manufacturer , China small notebook laptop, and more. For more , please visit pink notebook laptop today!