Home Air conditioning : Domestic sales ebel lichine for sale continue strong Online monitoring data based on industry, in July 2009, domestic air conditioning domestic iwc portuguese watches for sale market continued in June "blowout" situation, which sold 4,322,500 units, 7.2% sequential decrease, an increase of 69.5%. Among them, the air "to the countryside machine" sold 92.7 million units. To meet the domestic terminal orders and the need to replenish stocks, July than full air-conditioning business scheduling, overtime production. July production reached 5.716 million domestic air conditioning units, its highest level in history over the same period, less than 8.9%, Central, up 68.91 percent. July total sales volume of household air-conditioning units to 6.073 million, 15.1% reduction of the chain, an increase of 26.8%. 7 months into the traditional export markets, domestic air-conditioning season, in addition to Oceania and Africa, other regional markets still no rebound performance, but the decline has decreased year. July exports of domestic air conditioning units to 1.7505 million, 29.7% sequential decrease, down 21.8%. TV: exports up Industry online 20 major domestic TV manufacturers monitoring data show that in July 2009, domestic sales amounted to 2.411 million TV sets, dropped 28.77% year on year, growth of 3.98%; total sales volume of approximately 7.396 million units, 15.1% sequential growth, down 3.31%. Among them, LCD TV Sales of 5,492,000 units, up about 58.01 percent of the growth; CRT TV sales was 65.8 million units, down 65.53 percent. July, LG D, Sharp, Samsung and other panel enterprises have set up plants in China. Customs export replica cartier calibre de cartier statistics show that exports in July amounted to 4.985 million TV sets, up by 16.91%; three major TV products, only LCD TV exports show growth trend, up by 73.73%, reaching 386.2 million; CRT TV exports up by about 45.64% of the significant drop to 1.049 million units; Plasma TV Exports only 7.4 million units, down 33.27 percent. Washing machine: smooth domestic exports pick up 2009 7 months, the washing machine industry produced 3,057,400 units, down 1.18%; sales of 3.067 million units, up 1.88%, growth of replica rolex yacht master ii 10%. Of these, domestic 1.959 million units, up 5.3%, growth of 6%; exported 1.108 million units, down 3.6%, up 15% of the chain. July, Washing Machine Production of 53.7 million units, sales of 55.6 million units. Of which domestic sales 210,000 units, up 18.5%; export 346,000 units, down 16.2%. Exports, exports in July to 1.108 million washing machines units, down 3.6%, growth of 15%. Decreased year on year decline was the other, washing machine Sell The upcoming season, growth trend evident over the previous year, continuing a decline in the export of 9 months the situation get a little relief. Refrigerator : Smooth export sales down 2009 7 months, the refrigerator industry, stable production and rolex president replicas sales, up significantly, ibid months flat. July production was 5.608 million units refrigerator, up 38.5%, decreased by 1%; sales of 5.827 million units, up 41.9%, growth of 1.2%. 1 July 2009, the refrigerator production to 31.69 million units, up 10.7%; total sales of 32,855,000 units, up 17%. July, refrigerator production and sales growth on the one hand due to the national increase in temperature, on the other hand " Bringing home appliances "In the refrigerators sales account for half of the country, and TM to the policy is for the refrigerator market has injected new vitality. (Note: the scope of production and sales statistics for the use of a refrigerator compressor, refrigerator with other cooling methods are not the statistics.) The e-commerce company in China offers quality tag heuer aquaracer online products such as China Lover Watches , China Electronic Watches, and more. For more , please visit Sports Watches today!