Ceramic Classification By porcelain kinds of points: There are mainly in circulation on the market daily porcelain, ashes porcelain, exquisite daily-use porcelain, underglaze (middle), color daily porcelain, daily fine pottery, ceramics and fine ceramics ordinary cooking, etc.. In addition to bone china, the other product is also according to the number or the appearance of defects in the size range is divided into superior products, first-class products, qualified products, etc. 3 ~ 4 grades. By Porcelain points: porcelain can cheap columbus watch co watches be divided into hard and soft porcelain. Hard to use more heat on once-fired porcelain, soft porcelain is more of a hot biscuit firing the main low-temperature glaze firing process. As the glaze firing temperature of different materials in different formulations, relatively speaking, soft enamel compound contained more low melting point oxides. Therefore, hard porcelain, glazed porcelain hardness larger than that of soft, use knife and fork is not easy to draw the wounds, but glazed soft-paste porcelain smoothness, brightness is generally better than hard-paste porcelain, softer naked eye moisture . Flower decoration method according to sub-surface: surface characteristics and can be classified according to flower color glaze, glazed, underglaze color and color glazed porcelain, and some did not add color to white and so on. Glaze color ceramic glaze ceramic pigment is made of flower paper posted on the glazed or painted on the product directly to the paint surface, and then replica watches rolex sea dweller by 700 ? ~ 850 ? high temperature grilling made products. A result of grilling temperature not to reach the melting temperature of glaze layer, so I spent glaze surface can not be sunk, only close to the surface of glaze layer. If the hands touch the surface of Ao Tugan products, rugged naked eye. Color-glazed ceramic firing temperature higher than the glaze color, reaching the melting temperature of glaze products, ceramic pigment in the glaze when you sink into the glaze melt, cooling after glaze layer coverage. Touching a smooth surface such as glass products, no significant Ao Tugan. Underglaze color ceramics is a traditional Chinese decorative methods, products, all the color ornaments in porcelain bodies were carried out on a high temperature after firing through the glazing. Such products and glazed, like flower glaze layer surface was covered, the surface bright and smooth, non-rugged feel. Color Glazed replica ebel sport classic mini for sale ceramic glaze is added to a high temperature color agent, so that after firing glazed products showing a particular color, such as yellow, blue, green beans and so on. Usually refers to white without any color decoration of ceramics, such products sold in the market in general is not. Compared with more than a few decorative way, underglaze blue and white color make more use of the traditional and exquisite blue and white main color rather monotonous, affordable; glazed color than the underglaze color rich, high grade of products, but the porsche design on sale process demanding , and the costs are high, prices are high, the current production is limited to within the industry, so the domestic market volume is also small; colorful ceramic glaze color, three-dimensional sense of strong, process convenient and cost is correspondingly lower, at present China's market on more than 80% of the products are color ceramic glaze. Some glaze color products have reached high levels, a new style, good quality and high prices, to meet the urban higher income group and the need for high-end hotels, but most are medium to low-end products, the price is moderate, in line with family life of ordinary people??. Decorative or more different ways, in addition to their different artistic effect, the main difference is still lead, cadmium and other heavy metals concentrations in the. One-glazed, underglaze color, and most of the color vitreous enamel, white lead, cadmium content is very low, while the fake waltham watch glaze color of paper, if the ceramic flower used when processing low-quality pigments, or in the flower face design on lead, cadmium pigments used excessive high or burning cheap chopard l u c pro one when baking temperature, ventilation is not enough, it can very easily lead to lead, cadmium exceeded the amount. Lead, cadmium volume is a relationship between human health, safety and health indicators, human blood lead and cadmium content should be less the better. I am an expert from china-leather-handbags.com , while we provides the quality product, such as Men Leather Backpacks Manufacturer , Men Leather Briefcase, Ladies Leather Shoulder Bags,and more.