Even though battered by the financial tsunami, the Guangdong provincial government's position has always been very firm, to continue to enhance the implementation of industry Policy , tag watches replica The survival of SMEs, a large number of migrant workers and unemployment considered placing him second. Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang stressed last week criticized the closure of more small and medium enterprises are "backward productive forces, are Market Eliminated ", he thinks the key to have confidence in the face of economic difficulties, the Government can not save the backward productive forces. Wang Yang has made it clear that the Guangdong provincial government hoped that the transfer of labor-intensive enterprises in the Pearl River Delta manufacturing sectors, such as furniture manufacturing, Leather Manufacturing, hardware manufacturing, garments manufacturing, and other eight labor-intensive industries, which occupy 25% of the land in Guangdong, but contributed only 8% of GDP. replica piaget watches "We want them to transfer to the east and west wings of Guangdong and the mountainous areas, a policy to guide, but we do not oppose them out of Guangdong, and even go abroad, this is our basic attitude." Wang Yang pointed out that Hong Kong was to work intensive enterprises have moved to Guangdong, replica breguet reine de naples mini and now want to transfer them in Guangdong. Guangdong replica hublot for sale Party Secretary Wang Yang after taking over the political philosophy has been to Guangdong words against Singapore, eventually to Singapore, but to achieve this objective, industry upgrading imperative. The problem is, he's tough stance has forced many business failures, unemployment, migrant workers, resulting in the Chinese media recently reported, "migrant workers returning to their homes." And migrant workers return home, the local government has no ability to help them find jobs. The face of pressure from the central, Guangdong has while not explicitly opposed, but with considerable disapproval. Network commentator Liang Zhu profile recently published an online comment that, Wen Jiabao called for "increased support for small and medium enterprises," the same day, the Guangdong provincial government actually implementing the response of any kind of attitude, and even the cheap iwc ingenieur for sale newspaper's editorial , comments are also unusually silent on the issue of support for SMEs. Published in the afternoon, "Yangcheng Evening News" news headline is "President Hu Jintao to attend the World Economic Summit", followed by "Wang Yang Huang Huahua met with a large central enterprises Lai Yue Li Rongrong welcome investment in distribution", the third is the "Premier cheap franck muller Wen Jiabao to the Pearl River Delta encouragement." Guangdong industrial promotion policy does not compromise Profile liang Zhu, "Yangcheng Evening News" as one of the organ of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, this arrangement shows news: Guangdong provincial government did not fully agree with "temperature on" Stay the course will still give priority to welcome the large central enterprises Lai Yue investment distribution. Various other "signs" also shows that Guangdong's industrial promotion policy at present does not compromise: small and medium enterprises in Guangdong Province disclosed in the province before the Secretary Liu Huanquan January to September this year, the company shut down for only 7148, not the outside world " 50 000 enterprises into closures, "the rumors that serious;" Nanfang Wang "and" South Commentary, "published an article yesterday," Do not make exaggerated companies 'closures' upset people, "comments; the Guangdong Provincial Committee and deputy Deepen the governor held the day before yesterday the work of the forum on migrant workers across the province insisted that the current employment situation of migrant workers in Guangdong Province is basically stable, there was no "enterprise closures" or "migrant workers returning to their homes."

The face of the financial tsunami, central government has determined to take various remedial measures, and economic stability, social stability as their primary service, willing to stop to keep up with the reform, however, struggling to survive in the Pearl River Delta of SMEs, to from a variety of remedial policies to benefit the Central may have to wait at the Guangdong provincial government to change its position, a temporary concession to allow industry promotion policy. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Portable Gps Navigation Systems Manufacturer , GPS Car Tracking Device, and more. For more , please visit TFT Ebook Reader today!