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Speaking of France's intellectual property rights, jurists, businessmen, scientists and ordinary people, different people have different interpretations and cheap hublot for sale feelings, but the consensus view is that: France is a high priority and protection of intellectual property rights of countries. ????Attention to legislative pioneers ????By definition, intellectual property is industrial property and copyright collectively. As early as 1791, France issued its "patent law" is what appears in the law, "Industrial Property" (collectively referred to patent and trademark) term. In 1833, the famous "Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial property" sign, they formally adopted the word, so that the world began to accept the concept of industrial property. At present, the industrial property has become the internationally accepted terminology, the "Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property", including China, are already more than 160 members, the "Convention" has become the member countries in formulating policies and regulations on industrial property rights must abide by principles. ????In 1992, France will own 23 IPR-related laws and regulations compile into a single unified "IP Code", which is the world's first specialized field of intellectual property code. The Codex is the international legal field that follow the modern economic and technological development of innovation, intellectual property laws on other countries after the enactment of far-reaching. In addition, the French have the State Intellectual Property Research Institute, National Research Institute of Industrial Property, Industrial Property and other research centers specialized field of intellectual property research, consulting, media organizations, for enterprises and individuals to provide intellectual property services, but also for the National dissemination of intellectual property culture, timely amend and improve relevant policies and regulations play a think-tank role. ????This shows that France has been historically intellectual property rights, and intellectual property system in the world to establish and perfect the process of playing a pivotal "pioneer" role in. ????Rights focus on the positive "match fixing" ????Paris has always been known as the fashion capital, in the high-end clothing, perfumes, handicrafts, wine and other fields, "France" became a status symbol many products, and "Louis Vuitton", "Chanel", "LACOSTE", " GIVENCHY "," REMYMARTIN "so casual brand of goods which are internationally recognized boutique. But it is too well known, so these really "Li Kui" in the world has many "Li Gui brothers", fake omega for sale these international brands of the company in France every year a considerable amount of human and financial resources at the global anti-counterfeiting Rights, the French Government through continuous crack down on smuggling and counterfeiting efforts, to support French companies protect their intellectual property. ????Take for instance the French customs clearance, wearing or carrying a fake French luxury brand-name products, once customs were found, it will be heavily punished. Each with a counterfeit, the amount of fines is generally twice the price of genuine goods; a huge amount of those fines of up to 15 million euros, while the world's only French customs have this authority, this is a high-beta (COLBERT) Committee (France Boutique Industry Federation) and the Government in combating smuggling and counterfeiting, the result of efforts to strengthen intellectual property protection, but also embodies the characteristics of the intellectual property system in France. ????Emphasis on promoting transformation and promote technological innovation ????Face of increasingly fierce international competition, to promote economic development, the French government since late last century, has made public a series of policies and regulations, and replica gerald genta retro solo strive to create an environment conducive to innovative research, hopes to enhance scientific and technological innovation of enterprises competitiveness. And how to improve scientific research, so that patents no longer remain in the paper, a real productivity and wealth, became the scientific and technological innovation policy in the important part. ????France in 1982 and 1984, promulgated the "scientific principles and guidance law" and "Higher Education Act," clearly a public research institutions and universities in the promotion of scientific research, exploit their own potential, to promote industrial and economic development responsibilities. Since then, the French rely on public research institutions have established the distribution of national resources for the national network of centers of technology, to French enterprises, fake cartier santos dumont watch especially SMEs, to provide technical advice, transfer and joint development of services and cooperation. ????June 1999, the French parliament formally adopted "the promotion of research and technological innovation Law", allowing research and education personnel involved in the creation of technological innovation-oriented enterprises, and take tax breaks to establish incubators and start-up funding, streamline reporting and approval procedures and other methods to encourage researchers to patent the invention as a capital stake in the enterprise creation and development and also encourage existing businesses to accept and use of researchers patented rolex gmt master ii replica invention, the patented technology into technological achievements. Meanwhile, national education, technical department and industry, the Ministry of Finance and other state government departments and national industrial property offices, the Department of national science and technology innovation, regional innovation and technology transfer centers, technology centers and other functions of the organization of resources, to use its distribution network of the national intellectual property declaration, patent review, technological innovation, business creation and acquisition and conversion of scientific research, industrial property maintenance, all necessary to provide guidance, services and help. ????Years of practice that improve the situation of France to adapt its intellectual property system, can effectively promote scientific and blancpain sport time zone on sale technological innovation, and technological innovation to develop and deepen the intellectual property system has also made new demands, it has been refined and supplemented. 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