Contemporary consulting the most confusing than brand consultancy, and in the practical world, not only international 4A The company has its own brand models (such as Ogilvy & Mather's "brand steward", JWT's "brand all marketing," Bates's "brand essence / Roulette, "and so on), had never been involved in brand strategy consulting firm like McKinsey, Wave Division Dayton, also launched their own proprietary model, the domestic companies in all kinds of people are not willing to post (such as the first fire of the" brand Assistant, "like now" 720 �� Brand Management "," 7F Model "is more like mushroom), these models have the same and differences are the same, people could not tell it pros and cons. In the chaos theorists may even be greater, with branding expert David Ike's "Brand Equity & Brand identity "theory, with marketing experts Philip ? Kotler's "brand six-factor" theory of advertising experts with Philip ? Jones "strategic brand management" theory, with localization experts, Trout's "brand positioning" theory, with national experts how good inquiry " 3C Brand management "theory, etc., numerous and unorganized, the term is not phase system, the structure can not be compatible, and marketing" 4P "The clear difference far greater than hang on the framework. This makes a lot of people have had such feelings, there is no systematic access to third before the master to understand, contrary after systemic exposure is not understood. Abuse so special is regrettable, I think that we must first want to build on the brand strategy from the beginning, after years of study, I believe that the brand management in general there are three basic types of brand strategy. A single brand strategy Single-brand strategy is bearing all the objectives above in a brand, put all their resources are focused on a particular type of brand strategy above. Single-brand strategy is the most typical features of all the products share cheap zenith el primero grand date a brand name, a central location, a set of basic brand identity, such as PHILP In small appliances, household appliances, industrial appliances and IT On, such as CANON In the imaging equipment and office equipment, etc. is to take this type of brand strategy. The greatest advantage of this brand strategy is that to "concentrate superior forces to fight a battle of annihilation" of all the brand equity have focused on a brand above to reduce the pressure on corporate management, companies can grow a sense of momentum and strength, can improve the new product success rate, can reduce the waltham on sale customer's cognitive dissonance, to promote the economies of scale or lower promotional costs and so on. However, this brand strategy is not "put the world-all", it applies to all products or business units can generate synergies between the not for which no associated areas, such as used Mitsubishi car, "Mitsubishi" banks also use the "Mitsubishi" not long on policy; Also, if you can not share the basic core positioning and brand identity is not suitable for such a strategy type, such as 999 Drugs and beer could not reach the basic recognition of the same location and it will inevitably lead to failure; Finally, if different types of customers have purchased a similar assessment of factors (such as quality, etc.) are also suitable for such a strategy type, such as UNIQLO only a single brand strategy to buy american watch co attract young fashion, office white, also attracts high-income earners.

Gillette is one of the outstanding representatives of the brand strategy, both in the manual shaver, electric shaver or shaving with Sensor, Gillette have adopted strict and single-brand strategy, and even women not shaving knife exception. Although faced with include PHILP Strong competition, including such brand equity strategy allows a high concentration of a function fake chronoswiss kairos in any individual events at Gillette can throw opponents far behind, such as its research and development costs up to 2.3% Enough to rival any other dumbfounded, in advertising expenditures to achieve Ling Duishou eclipsed the same level. It is a single brand strategy with the help of Ji Lieda to the market fake illinois electric railroad watches in the United States, Europe, Latin America, market share is divided into ? Comment Large ? In ? Small We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China pink notebook laptop replica rolex date for sale , China dual screen notebook for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits touch screen notebook laptop.