In a recent discussion of industry experts for a segment on the Builders Blocks, the subject of "buy downs" become interest to everyone. It centered around getting builders to discount their properties to the buyer and whether that was a good idea. If you look at many areas of the country builders are offering significant upgrade packages or they are offering buyer incentives such as extending last year's buy concord mariner tax credit equivalents. But as mentioned in one sell parmigiani watches of my earlier articles, since everything to do with qualifying for a loan revolves around the "payment" as opposed to the actual purchase price, the buy-down makes a lot more sense. Now for those not familiar with the "buy-down" it is cash sum paid in advance to the lender to reduce the interest rate. In essence it is paying interest in advance so that you can get a reduced mortgage payment. And since the payment is the number you get qualified for it makes a lot of sense while at the same time maintaining the value of your home. If the builder gives you a discount off the purchase price, then your home will be valued on that amount but your interest rate will not go down. And it means that if the interest rate goes up you might not even qualify for what you are trying to purchase. So the buy-down should be discussed with your real estate agent, the builder, or whoever is on the other end of the transaction. There was an excellent example used to illustrate this logic. If you were given the choice of qualifying for cheap illinois sangamo special hour a $300,000 home versus a $200,000 home with the payment being exactly the same, what would you choose? cartier tank solo for sale I would be very surprised if anyone were to pick the $200,000 property and that is pretty much the choice you are being asked to accept when we are talking about a buy-down (of course it depends upon the interest rate and the amount we can afford to spend on the buy-down but the point is still the same). This at cheap rolex datejust royal black watches minimum illustrates the point that the buy-down needs to be discussed so that you have the full picture in front of you of the situation when you are looking at buying or building a home. It just makes good sense. Getting savvy and knowing what is out there as options to help you make better decisions is critical not only for today's market conditions but at any time you are looking to improve your living conditions. waltham riverside maximus on sale I would do the research and as a part of that, I would suggest you check out the Builders Blocks ( and view some of the discussions I have mentioned that you will find in The Sax Man folder which cover from buy-downs to 1031s to savings by going green and a number of other alternatives to consider when making a purchase. You can find agencies that will help you get informed, you can talk to a realtor, and of course, any lender will have information on most of the above or know where to send you. You could save thousands of dollars and get exactly the home you want.